Why the Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate is Unconstitutional via Techno_fog

For those that have/had twitter, @techno_fog was always on the up and up with legal shit about what was happening.

If you don’t do twitter.


Biden knows he’s fighting a losing battle here. Well, at least his handlers do. They’re buying time to pressure as many as possible into getting the vaccine.

He’s also looking for a distraction from his other F up’s. It’s always a game of cat and mouse in DC no matter what party is in power.



Strange that it has been almost a week and there has been no additional news or progress on this (that I can find) other than the senile old pedo’s ramblings when he initially said it and one blurb on OSHA’s site from the same time. Something of this magnitude should have constant updates and information available after the announcement, but I suppose dictators don’t care about that.

I’m curious if it wasn’t a bluff to give those that want to force their employees to get the clot shot the ability to do it and get the attention off of his huge Afghanistan fuckup. We shall see though.

The moment they started carving out exemptions for political reasons any slim chance the law had of being left standing went out the window…