Why the Ducks have to win

its a conspiracy to piss off canadian fans. put up one of the teams based in canada vs a team based in a non-hockey US market.

Tampa Bay vs Calgary

Carolina vs Edmonton

Anaheim vs Ottawa

The horror on the faces of canadian hockey fans when they see the Tampa/Carolina/Cali bandwagon hockey fans going crazy is priceless - and reason enough for me to cheer for the Ducks this year.

Keep the Cup South of the Mason-Dixon line!!!

Personally dont think you know as much as you think you do, but thats typical of an American. But myself like many others just like me, dont give a shit if a team from Cali wins it, and would rather a team like the Ducks win it, because they are still fuckin Mickey Mouse with it and can't hold it over the heads of the Leafs because it wont change the fact that they are Mickey Mouse. They are fuckin harmless little who gives shit about. Teams like Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver are evil and we dont need it going to their heads. keep the leash on them.

Also as a Canadian the Stanley Cup is not a symbol of Canada vs US, and all that shit. thats what we have things like the world championships, world cups, Canada cups, WJC's, Olympics, where Canada overall historically dominates. Therefore the Stanely Cup is nothing to get insecure about when it comes to Canada place at the top of the hockey world.


I want Anahiem to win because I hate Ottawa so fucking much.

Technically does the Cup belong in Canada? Yes. Is it the end of the world if we dont get it? No. A symbol of Nationalistic pride? No.

What I find comical is that American see it as an issue of nationalistic pride. Not one Stanley Cup finals that has involved an American team playing a Canadian team has gone by where the American fans have failed to break out the ever popular and very creative I might add, chants of USA USA. Now as a Canadian I dont get worked up, I realize a lot of Americans are idiots but Americans who aren't idiots should be embarassed.

The winning team is mostly made up of Canadians year after year anyway.

"The winning team is mostly made up of Canadians year after year anyway. "

Canadians make up less than 50% of the NHL now.


source. still at best you are likely to find 2 or 3 Americans on a cup winner, and I emphasize at best. His point still stands.

actually, even if Canadians are less than 50 percent of the league, they are still the largest group in the league, and more to the point, the winning team may have more than 50 percent Canadians anyway...

the league isn't necessarily reflective of the winning team...wouldn't mind seeing the source/numbers myself

Anaheim has more Canadians on it than Ottawa.

That said i barely care who wins, but am pulling for Anaheim. I can't wait for the quotes when Burkie finally wins a cup. Ottawa winning wouldn't be bad either, the whining from laff nation would also make it worthwhile.

2 game lead for the Ducks. Hopefully they can sweep the senators.

Screw that. Let's go Sens. I'm already starting to get calls from my Duck fan friends and its killing me.

Not looking good. They will totally have to revamp their game.

1) No open ice to skate.

2) Not winning the races to the dump-ins to counteract #1.

3) Anaheim owning middle of ice, no cross-ice passes.

4) Anaheim owning boards as well.

Still have hope but even if they get swept no shame. First trip to the cup for all of the team so it will be great experience.

Yeah I noticed that on the dump and chases that Ottawa is using to get around the clogged neutral zone.

If I'm skating forward and dump it in it stands to reason that if I am unimpeded I should get to the puck first or my teammate should as the D have to turn around.

WC17 in 3..........2..........1.......

I tend to prefer to kick people when they are up not down. just isn't the same. As a representative of Leaf nation I hold myself to a higher standard of class than most of the fans of 29 other NHL franchises do.

You're kidding right?

no, 100% truthful as always.

God McAlfredsson continues in his puke like ways. It's disgusting watching this guy. Hey Mcalfredsson instead of behaving like a little puke try and show up and play the game in a way that will help your team. Sundin would never pull some of the crap this clown has. Mcalfredsson will never be half the player and captain Sundin is. Guys like Spezza and Heatley, seem to be showing their true colours. Redden makes McCabe look fantastic. Neil should be suspended.

The way the Ducks have owned Ottawa reminds me of the Leafs. Now we can't compare the Ducks few games here to the years of ownage by the Leafs, but I think the Leafs would be much more worthy opponent at the moment.

I've actually been rooting for the senators. not doing so hot though