Why the Gorilla as a mascot?

Does it have any kind of meaning or is it just because gorillas kick ass? Not important, but I was just curious.

I thinks it's because matt's hairy like a gorilla.

I am pretty sure Matt told me that someone drew a picture of a gorilla, or
gave him a gorilla, a long time ago. It evolved into the symbol that it is
today. I do not think there was any more thought put into it than that.

Gorilla's are coooool.

When I opened my first Gym in Keizer Oregon I was looking to make our first t shirt. I found a photo of a gorilla wearing wrestling ear guards, and I thought it looked cool. Also, my kids always loved gorillas, so I used that. After that everyone began giving my gorillas as gifts, stuffed gorillas, plastic gorillas, gorilla books, etc. So it just took off from there.

The gorilla with arms crossed logo is probably the best known SBG symbol. It was drawn by a student named Ulan Moore about 8 Years ago, and we have used it since. There is a giant version of that gorilla on the wall of the portland Gym.


Thanks for the explanation Matt. I've always been curious about it.

King Kong represented SBG well in his 3 on 1 battle with the T-Rexes so it appears you made a good choice with the gorilla.