Why the hate for dana using the C-word (Lorreta)



 why the hate for him when he said it on a private video to be posted online where cursing is allowed

and this little girl says it twice, on live network television not even cable

live network television news and she said it twice ... lol

 They even allowed the c word on wheel of fortune

Lol at the douche in the first video. When he spun around like that I thought I was getting Rick Roll'd for a second. Phone Post

 S-word is allowed on wheel of fortune too

 "tom hanks the green mule"

 this lady says

the N - word on jeopardy

and gets the question right ! ?!

 Rachel Ray is envious of the n*****s

The n - words

 this lady gets away with saying

Deer escape predators by which means of locomotion?

"What is a train?"


other guy "What is swimming?"


 ALEX Ill take Your momma for $400