Why the hype for "True Crime"?

I just got this for Xbox. I've given it 3 days now and I must say I'm pretty disappointed.

Why all the hype over this game? I plan on trading it in for Prince of Persia.

I didn't really understand it either. It was like
GTA, but GTA was better on all counts.

I heard it was great but not VERY great

It doesn't even come close to GTA. The controls are horrible and the storyline so far is weak.

I keep trying to give it another chance, but now it's official. This one's going back tomorrow.

It's a shame they had guys like Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman doing voices on such a shit game.

Yeah, Kang's dialogue was gay as fuck alot of times too.

Some real nice ideas in the game but put it this way, i brought it back in part x for need for speed underground and manhunt.

I loved it.
It's not the same open-ended experience that GTA3 was, but it's a great cop story game that happens to take place in a GTA-like environment. Instead of a GTA3 clone, I thought of it as a GTA3/MaxPayne hybrid game.
I thought the controls for shooting sucked, until I started earning the upgrades and everythhing gets better. Same thing with the fighting, too.
The only part of it I questioned were the "stealth" missions, which were so easy as to be almost pointless. Everything else had a reasonable level of difficulty.
Good game.

After playing games like Manhunt and GTA, cheesy dilogue like this just won't cut it for me.

Interesting viewpoint. I liked the voice over work a lot. I thought they nailed "cheesy cop movie" perfectly, and Russel Wong can act. I actually thought Walken was the weakest voice in the game. His intonation made zero sense with what he was saying.

What character was Walken? Also those shooting upgrades were hard as fuck. Almost impossible I thought.

I think it is more overrated than salmon.

walken was the old cop guy that was friends with nick's dad.

Maybe the reason I didn't think it was overhyped is because I really thought it was going to suck ass based on the promos. Sometimes low expectations leave you happy in the long run.

True Crime is a love it or hate it type game.

Myself, I enjoyed it. Yes, it wasn't perfect but I had a good time playing it.

True Crime 2 should be better if they polish the game up a bit and fix some of the annoying stuff.

I heard for months how you were gonna throw your GTA games into the sewer so as not to offend the True Crime cd. It was going to be the best thing ever. Hype can kill a good thing, but I think this was a case of over-hype.

"It was going to be the best thing ever"

I really never knew why people got so pumped... It was one of the biggest let-downs of the year for sure. The street crime bit just SUX! LOL@driving and having a crim' pull you out of the car and drive off with it! GAY.

I never had intentions of getting it. It basically was marketed as like a combo of GTA and I guess Dead to rights.

I got it for xmas and beat it in 4 days, I'm going to trade it in and buy the GTA double pack.