Why the jenna hate?

She grew from an impossibly hard life. She dealt with shit that not one of you haters could possibly have dealt with. God, her uncle was raping her and pimping her out to the strip club scene when she was 14 years old. Most of you would of become tards dribbling on the floor while wearing diapers if that happened to you.

She went from that to becoming a millionaire, owns her own company, and became this way getting paid doing what you all wish you could do as you're posting on a forum.

I respect the woman. Anyone who jumped past the hurdles she had to become a successful woman deserves respect. She has made it farther in life than most of you retards, and she had a much worse start than any of you could ever dream of.

So piss off, and sit and wish you could be half the person she is.

On here everyone get hated on at one time or another no matter what they did or didn't do. You should know that by now..

ya, but its blatent hate. ... jelousy? blindness?

and your right... I remember some thread discussing how fedor is overated.... lot of elitist mofo's on the ug

I like Jenna

She dared to remove her burka! And her clothes.

It's stupid to hate on people

erik the red pretty much somes it up...



ok.. red, would you fuck women for money on camera? Fucking doublestandards

Elias and Erik the Red are both correct.

I dont hate her, but I also dont admire or respect her one bit.

You wanna know something? If my sister did porn, I would be like.. fuck it. Its her business, its her life. would I date a pornstar? only if she was no longer into porn. I dont hold this stigma towards people because they had sex on camera for a living.

And even if you disrespect her for being a pornstar, you have to recognize the fact that she waided into the roughest industry around and became extremly succesful doing it. She walked out of it a millionaire, owning her own company. Most people in that industry end up train wrecks, but she managed to succeed. Overcoming her past growing up, her job, and made it. Thats something I respect.

She made her living on her back. Some people have serious issue with that.

Some people need to go back to church and thump bibles while preaching about how bad other people are then.

Just trying to follow your logic here ...

If she was abused as a teen, then why decide to enter the porn industry? Isn't that in itself questionable? Drug and alcohol abuse not to mention the plethora of diseases. How could anyone find that even remotely acceptable that was an alleged victim of abuse?

So now she owns a porn production company and makes money. Big whoop. Isn't she now inflicting the same abuse and exploitation on others that you claim she was a victim of?

Hell, I wish that I had Michael Jackson's money, but no way in hell would I say that I admire him or make excuses for his actions.

When did guys start hating porn stars?

$$$$$. I think that is the reason that all the hate arrises. She made enough $$ to pull out of the situation and is now considered to be a business woman. I think people that have been watching her take it in the a@! have a hard time reconciling that she may be more intelligent than you would expect or want to believe.

ya no shit. why the pornstar hate. and comparing jenna to michael jackson is too farfetched. That guy has an amusement park where he suduces little childeren.

and I dont think the porn industry is deplorable. Its an entertainment industry. People could very well make comparisons to that industry and the mma community as well. People taking advantage of fighters, people in a cage fighting for peanuts... god.. just think of it. And they are doing it for the enjoyment of others too! sinful behavior...


Fags - all of ya. There are millions of college chicks more slutty than Jenna. She was just smart about it and made millions doing slut stuff on camera. The only thing I don't like about her now, is that she's got so skinny. Where's Soup Nazi when you need him?

You still haven't answered the question Sourcheese. How does an alleged victim of abuse choose to continue the abuse by entering the porn industry? I'm not trolling here, I'm asking a legitimate question.

PS - LOL @ making $$$ to pull out statement. I don't think anyone has pulled out of Jenna in a long time. C'mon, you have to admit that was funny ...

ya any woman can make money in porn... but to go from that to a business... being one of the most easily recognized name in the business...

anyway time for me to sleep... but a lot of you are way to self rightous and judgemental. I'd date the girl if given a chance, and Im sure a lot of you would as well. but most couldnt handle a woman like that because you would be to intimidated.