Why The Mustang II Doesn't Deserve All The Hate

Why The Mustang II Doesn't Deserve All The Hate

Man, people sure do love hating on the Ford Mustang II, the malaise-era replacement for the icon that started the Pony Car genre. And you know what? This video convinced me that they're wrong.

In it, Ford Racing's John Clor explains that in its day, the Mustang II was a "home run" for the company. Yes, it's not all that attractive, and it's not very fast. Do you know how many cars from the mid-to-late 1970s were fast and good-looking? Besides a few European exotics, not that many. It also isn't just a rebadged Pinto like everyone seems to think it is. 1

Say what you want about the Mustang II, but it sold extremely well for the four years it was around until it got replaced by the much-loved Fox body Mustang. All I know is it doesn't deserve all that venom.

Speaking of venom, I'd totally rock a Cobra II or King Cobra, graphics and all. It would be ridiculous and awesome.