Why the OG is better then reddit

i was just talking about the nurses that were messaging him. i know what reddit is lol


my bad

i’m at war with some dipshits right now

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lmfao all good man.

got me hyped

i feel like this can go here

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Ave you seen the average size of the hogs swinging back and forth in this place? I’m surprised Reddit isnt just a sub forum on the OG.

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modern forums have a lot of protections… forum storming can’t occur. but it also protects group think, political correctness and hurts real debate.

not to say this isn’t problematic in old school forums but things were crazy pre 2015

mods shouldnt exist. i oddly liked the vote down system. and if vote ups cancel them out it becomes community based. idk im kinda drunk.

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absolutely… a world with only positive feedback is unbalanced. which is why FB users user the laughing emoticon to mean vote down

good time to go hurt some redditors :wink:

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i dont own an account there. im not gay. :man_juggling:

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hahahaaaa nice

everybody i smash, i’ll tell them it’s in the name of JJHZ

Yeah I’ve rustled quite a few of them when it came to the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor cases … all you have to do is state very basic facts and they will be calling you racist in no time lol