Why the Slyvia hate?

Why some much Slyvia hate? He grabbed the fence... if there was Point deduction ( BJM would have warned him anywayz).. Ya he'd still won, once slyvia put him up to the fence, Silva pulled guard and looked like he tried for as sleeve choke from guard.. or some shit... hmmm... Would Slyvia of lost? Much respect for Silva but he lost Slyvia won.

I was just asking the same question on another thread. Sylvia is a legitimate top ten heavyweight with KO power and good takedown defense, and he has had some very impressive (and exciting) fights in the UFC.

He definitely doesn't deserve all of this abuse. Why not blame Assuerio Silva for making the fight so dull?

AA might give him some trouble, But he will look at his fight on tape and figure out soime stuff he needs to work on.. nobody hateing on bonner for sounding like richard simmions on his interview..

hmmm.. bonner loves forrest

where is the fence grabbing pic that someone posted?

Why would anyone hate on Bonnar Sabumainbjj?

why would anyone hate on Tim Slyvia?

i wasn't too pissed about grabbing the fence. it's the
refs job to enforce the rules. he did what he had to

i was pissed though during the post fight interview
when he said that he able to stop all of silvas
takedowns. we all saw it dude, don't brag about it.

Because its the UG, I guess and we always gotta find something/one/place/style/etc/yadda to hate.

Yeah, AA will probably beat Tim again, so what? Who else is AA supposed to fight if he gets past Mir? Plus, Ausserio aint exactly a scrub and proved tough and composed against Tim and took a lot of shots. Tim never stopped throwing all night. Tim also KTFO Telligman the fight before, I'd say he's looking alright. I mean Tim's worked hard after getting his arm snapped, surgery, tapped again by AA and now has put some good wins together. Give him credit.

I'd also like to see a Mir/Sylvia rematch.

not bragging at all, just pointing out that Slyvia would have one anyways if he had point deduction. Thats all people are bitching about.

Wasa-B has good points, Give the man credit damnit!

Plugging Xyience.. Who gives a shit if he plugged them.. he can't thank the tire barn anymore before UFC doesn't make any money of Them.. Chuck Liddell has a MOHawk DON'T MESS WITH THE HAWK!!! anywayz

hmm.. not gonna respond on the calling out bit..

Thanks for bringing up Mir vs. Sylvia now I am gonna have that mental picture of his arm breaking over and over and over and over

So is giant Silva

I dont hate him, I'm looking forward to training with Him this summer. Has he ever been taken down in MMA? If not , how would someone go about doing it? I meen what do you think would be the best way to get him down, would a double legg take down not be advised?

What would He be like if He could weigh anything he wants, Would that make him perform better? Although honestly He is already really good.

I Live in maine, Getting a chance to train with him is slim.. I'd love if i had the Chance!

I like Gaint Silva, Because he has the heart.. just like Akebono.. kinda feel bad cause the more he lose's the more he comes back

Why all the hate...pretty stupid question. He grabbed the fence when Slyvia had him in a VERY bad position. He had just taken a couple of hard body shots and Silva had him stunned. He was behind him and would have slammed Silva or at least put him on the ground. This would have made the fight completely different. Then he goes on to brag about how he stopped all of Silva's takedowns. Honestly Sabumainebjj I know you and Slyvia are probably friends but his blatant disregard of the rules was disgusting. I am looking VERY forward to him getting stomped by AA and believe AA is tear him to pieces. I am going to enjoy every second of it.

He did cheat by grabbing the fence, although I doubt it was premeditated cheating, more like a natural reaction.

That being said, the guy really needs to work on his boxing. He doesn't even bring his hands back to his face, which is how AA clipped him in the first fight. He came right over the top of a sloppy jab. This will be his downfall once more if he doesn't get his technique down. I mean, this might be far fetched but it looked like Butter Bean could have taken Tim out as long as it was kept standing.

He does deserve respect for getting in that cage, and he is a warrior. So, no hate from me, just constructive critisism.