Why the Slyvia hate?

I like Sylvia. Always have. Not his best performance ever, but he got the job done and now he gets a crack at Arlovski. Kudos to him.

I've always liked Sylvia too. He got WAY too much crap over the roids, and usually speaks well, unless hyping a fight.

I've never understood the hate except because of his affiliation with MFS, another UG hated outfit.

Well, Mike O'borne I met Tim Once at UFC 51 other then that I know him as well as I do you. I am just a fan sticking up for a fighter that doesn't deserve so much hate. LIke UFC trojan said he grabbed the fence, not a thumb in the eye.. He could Punch with his thumb like some fighters do Then he let go.. say if you fall forward do you try to break your fall. I can see if sylvia held on till silva let go. There is A Difference between constructive critisism and hate.. Alot of hate definately

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He won his fucking fight. What more do you want? Sure he grabbed the fence, I am sure it was instinct. Did the UFC come down on him for it? No. Did it affect the out come of the fight? We will never know. Props to Tim for fighting his fight and getting the job done.



wanderlei has clutched a ring rope or two in his career and hes a god on here

to me it looked like tim took a step backward skill wise in this fight. he looked like a beast in there with telligman and the ko was brutal. but here in this fight he looked sloppy and had no bombs in his hands. silva landed two hard shots on tim and cut him. arlovski isnt gonna make it any better on him. it will take a little longer for arlovski to win this one as tim will be more cautious but i thnk the outcome will be the same unless arlovski takes him lightly.

"i mean come on if he was rizzo's size or hunts size, he would be owned daily"

yep... and if wanderlei wasnt born with incredible athletic talent i'd easily kick his ass

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Sylvia is hated for the same reason Vanderlei Silva is.

Because people see them and realize they could never be that way. Fans tend to flock to the BJJ guys who cross train standup because it's impowering to see guys who make you think you could follow and acheive success the way they did.

Nobody looks at Sylvia and thinks they could be a 6'8 monster who can throw a hundred punches straight down the pipe without tiring and get their arm broke and want more.

Nobody thinks they could ever have the ferocious intensity of Silva with inhuman energy to keep coming and coming.

So they see guys like that and say theyre not technical, theyre lucky, etc.

But I honestly have noticed that people chug haterade for guys who dont fit the standard role of the composite mma fighter.

I dislike Sylvia because he lacks finesse, that is what I liked about AA. But for the most part I think that is why I like watching the welter and lightweights better than any division. Its just much more fun to watch people that fly around.

HELWIG is correct.

Helwig hit it on the head

Because he is a retard. If you meet him and talk to him in real life, then you would know. He thinks he is better than he really is.


Down with fair weather fans.