Why the Solomon hate??

The guys on here bashing Solomon must live in pink houses with white picket fences and use words like "gosh" and "jeepers" if you think Solomon is a thug. His behavior was far from thuggish. Honestly...he was a funny dude! Easily the most entertaining aspect of the show so far (aside from ken's antics).

Yeah, he talked smack, but he had a smile on his face the whole time doing it. It was light-hearted...there are a lot of people who act like him. They're good people...that's just their style. He was a cool cat IMO.

I was rooting for him. No offence to Rory...congrats on the win.

Team Dagger was funny, and they were having a good time. Why the hate?

That team dagger thing was annoying. Solomon was acting like a thug, and i think he underestimated Rory just by looking at his stature. The guy is an excellent shit talker, unfortunately you gotta be able to back it up in this sport(or any sport).

I thought he was kind of funny too, I like him.... but that whole team dagger thing was just gay. And what's wrong with a guy who likes to keep a house clean? He was hating on Rory the whole time for no reason, that I did not appreciate. I was hreally hoping Rory would beat him.

Other than that though I had not problem with him.

I think the guy is a good guy. He seems like good people, talks to much trash, but is a good fighter.

Blame it on the white man....what the heck!!!

...you guys werent there....

I thought he was entertaining....I was really rooting for him, I was bumed when he lost.

It was the tooth.

Tait, what is your opinion on the situation of the team format. It seems to me the whole team feature went out when they cut out the team challenges. The challenges made everyone on a team unify, this seems like a tournament with every fighting for themselves, which is totally understandable, but the concept of one team vs the other doesnt really come thru.


I'm going to go with the TV editing on this one...of stringing together short moments to make him look more like a tool.

When he was doing the parody of Rory, you could tell the guy is actually well-spoken and intelligent, not some thug. I'm willing to chalk it up to his way of dealing with the emotions of getting ready for the fight.

"...you guys werent there...."

.... no we watched it, which is why you were...

Solomon played the race card, imo by overdoing the "white guy" voice. I thought it was funny as hell, but imagine if Rory did an Amos n Andy voice. He was annoying with the dagger stuff, talked trash, didn't back it up, and acted like an a$$ afterwards.

i agree that he's not a bad guy, just cocky and it's nice to see a humble
guy beat a cocky guy.

"i agree that he's not a bad guy, just cocky and it's nice to see a humble guy beat a cocky guy. "

Agreed. Hence my glee at both Rory and Noah's initial wins...

No hate here. I agree that he seems like he's probably a descent guy. Obviously I'm rooting for Rory through this whole thing. You can also count me as one of those guys that likes to see the talkers lose.

Wait, we think he's a thug?

Pulling shit out of your ass again, HefX?

He's a fucking idiot and the team dagger shit was realllly getting old.

Solomon was funny as fuck! He was a great shit talker and a very entertaining part of the show. I'm sure that I'll miss his cracks and comments for the rest of the season.


"getting his ass handed to him"

how anybody calling getting caught with a kick handed to him is beyond me...

i know rory posts on here, so i will be respectful.

rory broke down even before the fight...during the trash talking...an educated guy working towards his degree should be able to match wits with a street thug like solomon.

it was funny that everybody picked up on it, now he has to do something about kendall who went on national tv stating he was weak mentally...

Jack Carter,

If YOU don't think he's a thug, then this thread obviously wasn't directed towards you.