Why the Terrell hype?

How is he suddenly the next member of the fighter of the month club? His pre-UFC career is nothing to write home about. His UFC career consists of 35 seconds and two punches. Nobody bother pointing out his submission experience as the number of succsesfull submission guys that have done jack in MMA are legion.

What has he shown you nutriders that makes you beleive he's the next coming?

Well he did ko Lindland.

Travis Lutter of Team Potato boasts quite the ground credentials as well as 1 punch ko power.

Two words....

Charles McCarthy


Great ground and striking is why the "hype" but I think you mean why do people who haven't seen other fights of him go crazy?He has amazing ground and stand up so don't think it's hype.

i will answer your question seriously and hope to dont turn this into another mma forum fiasco..

anyways.. check out his pre-ufc fights.. pancrase is very good actually.. he KILLED some really tough guys and i mena badly... he is one of the few guys at the weight that actually finishes people on the ground and not with low percentage moves that they dont know but just really good solid submissions..

his stand up is unproven but his agressiona dn ground are of tyhe charts in 185lbs right now.. he is in my opinion the man in ufc at 185..

but only time will tell... tanner will be no threat for him

People making judgements about a fighers skill after seeing only one fight = hype.

His record just isn't that impressive. His wins in pancrease are against guys that are decidedly not the cream of the crop. One oppoenent has gone on to have a decent KOTC career and he has a loss to Tiger White.

I dont know Terrell personally but I'm aware of what he has accomplished in submission wrestling. I really believe he will be one of the most dominate fighters ever in this sport. His grappling skill needs no mention, he also has a huge frame for a middleweight (walks at a solid 210) and he is super explosive and athletic.

His one loss was 5 years ago when he was around 20 years old. He lost by decision. It's still a loss sure but it was a while ago.

yeah, BODY BAG got it right when he said that Terrell walks like he is a solid 210. the guy has dark matter in him, giving him extra mass that hides itself in his body; scales cannot wiegh the beef he's packing. i'm serious, look at the guy -- he's fucking huge for 185.

and for the record, i trained at his place for a week and I'd say that yeah, the dude's smoother than frictionless rollerskates. which we all know are impossible -- hence the incredibility of his talent...

"so...how many fights of his have you seen?"

Way to miss the point there. I'm not the one making judgements about his skill. I'm just sayint that nobody can tell shit from the 30 seconds they've seen.

If anybody watched, as their intro to MMA Crocop v Randleman they just might make some assumptions that are inaccurate. Similarly Belfort v Silva or any other number of fights could mislead someone into thinking things far from truth.

In short, the Jury should still be out on Terrell. He may well be the NEXT BIG THING(tm) but it's waaaay preemptive to claim so based off his past performance.

"Wait until FletchMonster gets on here...Oh boy... "

Like ohhhhh my gaawwwwwddddd peoplee. Terrell is soooo tough and cool and smart and brave and skilled and......!!!! He would leg lawk jesus in a minute!!


"He really is as close to the second coming of Christ as you can get without actually being Christ!!!"

Whoa! that was fuckinf heeee-larious

"His UFC career consists of 35 seconds and two punches."

Actually to be nitpicky it was 24 seconds and a bunch of shots from guard after the left cross....

if you did your scouting reports on guys -- and maybe did more than look up a guy's record on Sherdog before starting a thread on him -- you would understand Terrell and the guy's accomplishments.

I'm not going to explain them to you.

sad news. terrell just spontaneously combusted..... paramedics pointed to "rapid uptake of internet hype."

This goes to show, we need to downplay the skills of the BJ Penns and Dave Terrels of the world.