Why this?

I mean, why have this stupid ass poll? Can't these colleges just be happy competing at their respective levels, instead of having a "black" college football poll. I thought sports were about being color blind. I know this is a harmless little poll, but I just find it idiotic. When I was a senior in college, we played the "black" national championship team and beat them by like 6 touchdowns in our first playoff game. Even the black players on my college team thought that "black" colleges and their little poll was stupid.

The NCAA Division I Black College football poll, compiled by
The American Sports Wire, with first-place votes, season record,
total points and previous ranking:

(Final Poll through games of December 13)

---- --- ---
1. Southern (22)(12-1) 159 3
2. Grambling (9-3) 85 1
3. Bethune-Cookman (9-3) 81 4
4. So Carolina St (8-4) 77 5
5. Tennessee St (7-5) 75 7
6. Morgan St (6-5) 72 6
7. No Carolina A&T (10-3) 72 2
8. Alabama St (8-5) 70 NR
9. Hampton (7-4) 68 10
10. Alabama A&M (8-4) 65 8

Note: Southern University Jaguars have been voted the 2003
Black College National Football Champions.

Because a poll is a terrible thing to waste.

I prefer the term "Honkey", if you don't mind. Thank you.


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