Why Tito will beat Rashad Evans

  1. Experience - Ortiz has been the in ring with some of the best fighters. Who is the best fighter Evans fought ? Jardaine on TUF 2 ? Experience is the greatest advantage for a fighter.

  2. Chin - Ortiz has a big head. And has never been KO'd, only TKO'd. Liddell couldn't KO Ortiz. While Evans got Kicked by Sam Hoger and half of face looked like raw hamburger.

  3. Cardio - Tito probably has the best Cardio at LHW. As the fight wears on. Ortiz will get stronger. Evans gassed in every fight he didn't finish. Bonnar, Imes, Hoger.

  4. Strength - Ortiz is bigger than Evans. Couture said Ortiz was the strongest fighter he's ever fought. If he's put on his back. Guard advantage goes to Ortiz

  5. Take down defense - While Evan might have the better take downs. Doesn't mean Ortiz won't defend them. Besides Ortiz survived Randy Couture in his guard. When has Evans used his guard ?

  6. Stand-up - Tito flash KO'd W.Silva. Ortiz stood toe to toe with Liddell. Along with a reach advantage. Ortiz has great leg kicks and perfect striaght punches.

Bottom line. Ortiz WILL beat Rashad Evans. Jump off the bandwagon now

Age ? Ortiz is in his prime ! He's never been better

However, Injuries is a real problem. If he comes in at least 75%. He'll beat Evans. Any less he'll lose


Rashad will win.Tito is a has been.I dont Tito KOd Silva.Tito won a dec.Get your facts straight and get off titos dick.

There is no point using so many periods if you're not going to leave a space after them.

"Rashad will win.Tito is a has been.I dont Tito KOd Silva.Tito won a dec.Get your facts straight and get off titos dick."

Watch the fight stupid. Of course you haven't. You would know Ortiz Hit Silva with a punch. And Silva landed right on his face, waking up from the fall.

Please.Tito by dec.Look it up on sherdog dumb fuck.To do that you must first take Titos dick out of your mouth.

Seems like a bad matchup for Tito...a great wrestler that'll want to slug
it out. Tito doesn't like to trade. Tough to pick a winner on this one.

This post smells of fear...you can list as many invalid points as you like, but it won't change the end result. Rashad will have his hand raised at the end of the fight...Bandwagon's still rollin',right over Tito.

Perfect straights? Straights are supposed to be fast, not fucking slow.

The hate on this site is unbelievable. It seems like just yesterday Tito was unbeatable, now you presume to tell me he's going to lose to a guy who's biggest win is Hoger? Or maybe it's Jardine? Wow. Big names.

Tito's losses are to Hall-of-Fame caliber fighters. He's got wins over a "declining Belfort" which any day of the week is a bigger win than ANYONE EVANS HAS EVER FOUGHT.

As far as Rashad never being Ko'd, well he hasn't fought Vitor, Chuck, Frank, Randy, Silva, or that caliber of striker.

His "exciting" knockout was against one of....if not the biggest Can in the UFC in salmon. (crane kick??)
Which by the way, evans didn't look all that great in that fight until that kick.

Evans cardio is nowhere near tito's. They'll probably split the first two rounds and then tito's gonna hurt him in the third. He's bigger, faster, got more experience and gas in the Tank. LOL at Evans beating Tito.

He's gonna get exposed bad.

This fight could go either way IMO. Gonna be a great fight now quit bitching.

I've been on the bandwagon....war Tito.

actually this is the exact time i jumped on...

 Win Guy Mezger TKO (Strikes) UFC 19-Ultimate Young Guns 3/5/1999 1 9:56

Refreshing to see a well thought out post.

I agree with all your points, I think Rashad will be outclassed by Tito.

Tito is a superior athlete, and a better fighter! But Rashad has KO power, and Tito's chin is very suspect.

Tito wins GnP Stoppage

I don't think Tito's chin is suspect at all. Sure, he can get rocked when he gets caught, but Tito has very good defense, and very good recovery.

Chuck couldn't KO him either time, I don't think Rashad will finish him by KO, that's for sure.

Okay, let me rephrase that. Tito's chin is easily rocked, but his defense is very good. Chuck didnt knock him out, but Chuck finished him easily when he was rocked.

Tito has been rocked a few times.
Chuck 1 and 2, Patrick Cote, Shamrock 1, Silva.

Now before you say "Tito won most of those fights!" I know he did. But it doesnt change that if his chin gets pegged, he gets wobbled.

Tito GnP Stoppage


im so in the air making decisions nowadays.

in another thread , i said tito possessed alot of quality's that make him the obvious choice but i thought rashad would take it to decision.
after reading Products first post. !!
i dont know .

ive been shocked one too many times the last couple weeks.

either way i think it will be a good fight.

and i hope that tito wins.

He did take chuck's back for a quick second. He just didn't do much with it. I think he was surprised he had it.

" It seems like just yesterday Tito was unbeatable"

Just Yesterday? Are you living in 2001, sir?

I don't know who the hell would have called Tito "unbeatable" in the past 5 years. DrVanNostren excepted, of course.