why TMA gets a bad name!

Look at this web page, http://www.komudokwan.comThis guy actually tried to change his name to sound like he's really Asian and his son is going around talking about how they are the ONLY real guys in a certain CHINESE system! What a joke

Those guys look spooky in that pic. Like some pasty white supremacists. Or the love childer of the character from the movie "powder".

It looks like a takeout joint.

Is that Bill Gates on the left?

Did you read the instructor's bio?
More than a little strange.

The head instructor reminds of that crazy bald guy from 1980's B movies. He also appeared in one of Motley Crue's old music videos, "Smokin' In the Boyz Room."

Personally, I think the bio was WAY too long. I didn't need to know how many "hertz" were involved in his brain research; save that for a medical journal.
Nice to see his dedication to the martial arts alongside his education though.

The Thomas Dolby look-alike standing next to him is his son I believe. I've seen this school's website before.

Here's an excerpt from their website:
Be it known by these presents that the Ko Mu Do Kwan is NOT a buy-your-belt-mill. Master Ko's students EARN their belt rank and it certainly shows in their martial knowledge, skill level, attitude, and performance both inside and outside the dojang as well as both inside and outside the competition ring. The exams given by Master Ko are quite significant to test the skills of the student. The standards are very high at the Ko Mu Do Kwan and quality assurance is constantly checked by Master Dr. Ko, its Headmaster."

Wrong, its just wrong, not to mention ridiculous and disturbing.

There are a lot of wacked out Asian-o-philes out there.

For a real treat check out the Bad Budo and Baffling Budo forums at www.e-budo.com.

Does Asian-o-phile mean a non-asian who is attracted to asians? If so, I guess I'm one of them. At least I'm not like that guy.