Why touch gloves before fighting

i always wonder why fighters touch gloves before they fight. I know they come together and touch gloves before the fight. But after the bell rings, why do it. It completly changes the way some fighters would attack a fast paced attack or rush an opponet from accross the ring. When you come to the center, touch gloves, it basically means you will be within a couple feet of your opponet and thus removes a lot of wild attacks, rushes, or running at an opponet. I know these are not the norm attacks, but u see people in the rounds after the first do flying armbars,superman punches, flying knees. After every fight I have seen the fighters hug, talk, and show respect. Why not just take the glove touch out or save it for before the bell rings. This takes away several attacks that one doesnt have to prepare for or try. When you touch gloves before the bell rings, that should be enough until after the fight. We know you respect your opponet but it alters the fight itself

agreed... shamrock and cung lee was starting to piss me off. everytime giving eachother knuckles. dont forget that its a fight

I agree. It takes the possible surprise element out of it (Penn v. Uno). I mean it would suck to rush a guy and he is sticking his hand out and you clobber him. Although there may be no animosity there, it may be perceived that way and be looked at as poor sportsmanship. I agree- they already touch gloves in front of the ref, that should be that.