Why TUF4 Show Only 4 of 9 Fights?

And all four fights shown were decisions, not very exciting fights, and two were what many consider bogus decisions. Three of the 5 that weren't shown ended in submissions. Seems they could have made this much more exciting. Here is what we missed:

1 Chael Sonnen submits Trevor Prangley

2 Josh Koscheck submits Ansar Chalangov

3 Dan Christison submits Brad Imes

4 Jon Fitch submits Josh Burkman

5 Luke Cummo decision Jason von Flue

I'm very appreciative of the free shows, but why not maximize the entertainment value for the fans?

Sorry, the first fight was a decision. Correction:

Chael Sonnen decisions Trevor Prangley

my guess is so the fans can watch matches on ufc unleashed that they have never seen before.

Also, they're only alloted 2 hours.

TUF4=UFC33 (on TV, anyway)

Four decisions = only four fights in that time slot.

It was live and they obviously didn't expect every fight to go to decision.

Even though there was no filler this time out -- no crappy promos or "celebrity" interviews, really -- they still ran over their time slot.

Son of a bitch. UFN's better come out on dvd!

"Because they ran out of time? Pretty stupid question there. I'm sure if they were Psychic they would've have scheduled the more exciting fights for the main card."

I didn't realize it was live, thought it was tape delayed. It actually was tape delayed here in Arizona on Cox Cable, but if it was a live broadcast elsewhere, I stand corrected. Perhaps they should reserve a 3 hour slot since the two hour frame allowed less than half the fights to be shown.

they went over time even just showing four fights.

Dumb question. They went over with the fights they showed. Unless the first two/three fights go very quickly, like the previous UFN, they simply dont have the time to show any prelims.

"Perhaps they should reserve a 3 hour slot since the two hour frame allowed less than half the fights to be shown."

They did that for UFN 1, and honestly a 3 hour cable TV show was draining, even for a hardcore MMA fan like me. It's one thing if it's on PPV, but there were too many damn commercials (COQ ROQ!) that really fucked up the flow of the telecast. Boxing does the same thing. 2 hour cable telecasts, and then 3-4 hour PPV's.

Spike and UFC have been good at airing the dark matches from UFN. They've shown all of them from UFN 1, 2, and 3 except for Goulet/Hieron (which we'll likely never see because of how bloody it was) and Fitch/Larson (which we'll probably see in the future if Fitch keeps winning).