Why was Charles late for weigh in?

People won't like this but I think too many bjj tournements basically disrespect the guys competing and use the tournements to make money. Charles tournement was $50 and the guy did not show up on time for the Friday weigh in. A lot of us work and this guy can't show up on time. Someone called him and he was in his car driving over at 9:30. On top of that we had to help him un pack and set up the tables.

Here's an idea Charles: get up EARLY! Come to your academy at 8:00 a.m. and set up early so that the guys that are taking time off from work to weigh in get can the hell out of there in the minimum time possible. But it seems that our work schedules are not important to you. You cares right. It's just a bunch of saps any way.

vito we established on another thread that since you have not run a tournament, you cannot critisize any aspect of the way one is run.