Why was Kanyon released?

Your inability to site any examples of Kanyon drawing money over his decade long career speaks volumes. Thank you also for completely ignoring the contradictions between your accounts of Kanyon's sentiments...and what he himself has publicly stated.

"What are the examples of Randy Orton, Batista, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin drawing anything?"

All four of the above are all products of WWE's developmental system, and are given opportunities based on belief in their POTENTIAL, which may or may not one day be fulfilled. It's a GIVEN that they will be pushed on some level because that's the ENTIRE POINT OF THE SYSTEM, which is to get a return on the money invested in their training.

The bottom-line is Kanyon got into WWE as part of the WCW Invasion concept. That angle didn't pan out, and unfortunately he got injuries knocked him out of action. He was paid while he rehabbed, and upon return didn't fit into the companies creative objectives. Conspiracy theories and other nonsense not withstanding...Case closed!

Jumbo Red said:

"Favors are done everywhere. Political shit everywhere."

Thank you for stating the obvious.

"McCandayass sounds like someone I know."

I find it amusing that a moderator just throws out a comment like that. In a thread where Arn Anderson is bashed as an alcoholic & Charlie Haas is slandered on a personal level I hear not a word from you. Were a post written calling Randy Couture an alcoholic I suspect the moderators would RIGHTFULLY be out in force. I guess those of us in the pro wrestling business don't deserve the same level of respect and common decency.

Since you choose to put it out there, do tell Jumbo, who do I sound like?

AA was forced into rehab by McMahon last year.