Why was L.A. Giant given a shot?

It was his MMA debut, not his debut in Pride but his debut in MMA all together. He has never had one fight in his life and he gets put into a qualification match for the PRIDE GP? It just dosent make any sense. I hope I never see him fight again ever.

Especially after the promo they had before the show. They were saying how tough it was to get into the Pride. Only the top guys in the world!

They should have said that "most" of Pride's fighters are the best in the world. But the "rest" are the worst!

I'm glad his big ass got tapped out

Pride likes big freaks that are novice level fighters.

plenty of football players look fat and out of shape.

PolishPunisher your screenname should be "Ilovelookin@mensbodys"


They were trying to tap into the white power market.



HELWIG is correct

Pride is hoping to increase their American PPV buyrate
by using LA Giant to tap into the White Supremist Neo-
Nazi Skinhead Hate Monger market

Next Pride will have LA Giant vs. Rampage Jackson. It
will look like a fight scene from the TV show OZ.
Chuck Zito will be special guest referee.

And then they will have LA Giant vs. Bob Sapp. It
will look like a prison-daddy shower tussle. LA Giant
will be the one dropping the soap.

All this info courtesy of fightsport.com :)

I rose this question on another thread,and i need to know.

When will you guys learn, if you can sell tickets you will get fights. I don't care if your record is 8-9 and you are a fat ugly pig, if you can sell tickets you will get fights.

Fuck, Hulk Hogan could get a UFC title fight if he wanted one.



They wanted gravy fighters for the Japanese guys. And they said Rickson had all the easy fights. Yeah right.


I'm 0-4. Maybe pride will give me a shot at the title. Watch out Silva!