Why was Michelle Obama's school nutrition plan/initiative criticized?

I remember that there was some critcism at the time but my memory is hazy.

Because he is a huge faggot


Because it was impossible to serve food that children and young adults would actually eat under those guidelines, and ended up turning school lunches into skipped lunches. Anyone who could afford alternative lunches didn’t eat them, and poorer children suffered lesser food quality and nutrition.

The food portions were a joke, and the food quality was fucking repulsive. Even by school lunch standards.


This. Not sure I e ever seen a first lady criticized as much as she was. Lots of people hated her.

First, because it was some dirty liberal trying to tell people what to do. It’s my damn right to have my kids be fat and eat junk food.

Second, because the “healthy” lunches were in fact disgusting and not at all healthy.

I’m of the opinion that schools should serve a protein + vegetables and a piece of fruit and water. Actual food. If people want to feed their kids shit, thats on them but fuck spending tax dollars on giving them corn dogs and pizza and cartons of high fructose corn syrup “juice.”


Because the kids wouldn’t eat the food.

What’s worse? Kids eat food that’s not the healthiest, or kids don’t eat the food at all.

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starve the kids IMO…

After Melania, not sure if serious.


Was that the one that counted pizza as a vegetable?

Are you kidding? The only criticism Melania got was Who her husband was. She stayed out of the spotlight for the most part.

Can you imagine raising a kid like that? “Oh, he doesnt want to do ____ so we just let him not do it.” Theyll start to eat it eventually when they learn that’s all they get and they’re hungry. Adults tell kids what to do, not vice versa.


Folks dragged her through the mud every chance they got, and while the media fawned over how wonderful Michelle was and she was on multitudes of magazines Melanie got treated like dirt. They barely even acknowledged her efforts to help bring attention to bullying….and remember how every outfit she wore was a white supremacy dog whistle?


Are we talking about the media or social media? The media mostly left Melania alone.

Social media criticized her for being complacent to her “evil husband’s evilness”. How did they attack her otherwise, I don’t really remember her getting pummeled like Obama was. I mean even celebrities called her a tranny.

She had to sue two different major media publishers for calling her a prostitute.

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MO gave off an angry, unpleasant vibe, which could have something to do with people’s opinion of her.

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It was too basic. No kid would eat this.

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What happened was the kids didn’t eat it. Then they went home hungry and ate all the chips and cookies in the pantry.

It solved nothing and the parents were paying for lunches that weren’t eaten.

The idea was good.

The motive was good.

The execution was about was you would expect from Democrats.


Because most trumptards are overweight and lots of them have fat kids and they don’t like to be reminded of that (especially by an uppity black lady).

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That dude is not very likable

The mail is a trash rag. I wasn’t aware of another.