Why was sexyama not throwing anything?

takedown defense was so impressive,

but his striking may have looked worse than shields.

 i suppose he was picking his shots more, and throwing harder. but i agree he wasnt doing enough offense

I agree and looking worse than Shields standing is hard to do. How does he not improve? Phone Post

 he deserved to lose for grabing the fence...I don't know how his stamina was, because when he needed to press the action, he was content on coasting...

He landed tons against Belcher, had Leben and Bisping hurt but cant land 1 punch on Jake Shields?

I think he needs to call it a night.

 I was pulling for Shields big time but thought the fight was there for Akiyama to win if he threw some strikes.  Might have been the weight cut but he pretty much gave that fight away due to inactivity.

^ true could have been the cut just seems really weird how you stand with guys like, belcher, leben, and bisping.

But you get out struck by shields.