Why was Thacker crying?

Was he really suprised?

He just got caught up in the moment.

Those guys reached out to him rather than pushing him away for being less caliber.  They became a Team and that equals respect and emotion.  I was proud of him.

I think he was disapointed that his dream to learn how to drink like a man was crushed.

Thacker and Sanford should have fought the runner ups in their weight class..Loser off, winner stays..

You're MEAN, the chief!!

I'm not picking on him for crying, but I was suprised, since it didn't seem like winning the show was something his whole heart and dedication was into.


I thought what Bobby said to him on the way out was awesome. Bobby is all class.

Because he obviously "sucked shit." You heard the man.

PhilHurin... thats really nice. Because we are all just like Thacker

lol @ Monroe

He was crying because he just finished a glass of
strange brew!