Why will SJW do when Trump gone and Dem is Pres?

Will they continue to fight the good fight by burning flags and attacking old ladies?

I think they'll switch it up and burn old ladies and beat up fags. 

attack flags and burn old lady fags

Remember that lady, Cindy Sheehan, whose son died in Iraq who spent her whole life protesting the Iraq War?  You'd think she died with the way the media stopped reporting on her when Obama was elected.

Push for more shit like the kangaroo court rulings on college campuses enacted in state schools and colleges.

Futher puritanize their own base.


Push for federal laws regarding unconcious bias testing.


Demand new federal HR laws. 


Try to enact hate speech legislation that violates the first ammendment. 



Same shit they were doing during the Obama administration.  This shit didn't start during the trump administration.