Why won’t Christians let Mormons join their club?

I have heard that Mormons are not considered Christian. They call their church “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” They say Jesus talks to them. Why are they not Christian?

Sounds more like a bunch of  jewbronis to me

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Prefix: I have great respect for Mormon structure, family lives, and control of their flock

Fact: Mormons and Jehovah Witness's are just one level too far away to fit under the Christian Bandwagon.... They believe a whole extra book the rest of us don't acknowledge... It's the equivalent as claiming all Christians are Jews... Jesus was a jew, we believe the old testament but that extra book is a deal breaker.... Same thing with Muslims (Note I don't respect their culture)

OP you know the story of Joseph Smith?


Mormons believe stuff outside of the bible and use the bible to entice people in.


Jehovahs are the same and they are extremists in a way believing all non believers wont be saved when the apocalypse happens.

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Mormons aren't Christians because their leader literally made up a bunch of bullshit, completely changing Christianity's doctrine. It wasn't a case of some minor disputes between aspects of Christianity like Catholicism and Protestantism. Joseph Smith wrote a completely new book.

Fun fact: Part of the background for the D&D campaign setting Dragonlance is based on Mormon teachings due to Tracy Hickman's Mormon faith. The Disks of Mishakal are one of the things, off the top of my head.

Jay Reso could have ran with a no Mormons club angle. He would have got some major heat in Salt Lake City.

And Muhammad Hussan could have had an epic feud with Barry Horowitz.

South Park has a great documentary on this

It would be like the nWo letting the dungeon of doom join them

They should settle this in the WWFA