Why won't dems restrict private flights for themselves to fight climate change?

“We need to ban private flights because it is contributing to climate change.”- said no Democrat elected official ever

If they care so deeply about the environment, why not ban private flights at least for themselves? Why not propose something that makes it illegal for federal employees to fly private? Make it for sitting members of Congress and the Senate. Why not give up something you enjoy yourself for the betterment of the planet? I don’t agree with this idea, I support people being free to make their own personal choices. The people advocating for bans and restrictions on everything else that doesn’t impact them also wouldn’t agree with it because reasons but they SHOULD be advocating for it of they were being honest. I’m totally not sure why they won’t though…

Oh, it’s because they disgusting hypocrites that don’t care about anything other than power and control. I forgot. They don’t care that science says flying private jets is terrible for carbon emissions and that one flight does more damage by an outrageous amount than my car does for a whole year. Science says 30% of global carbon emissions come from Communist
China but won’t take on who is causing it because it isn’t really about the environment. It is about being in as much control of free Americans as they possibly can be. These are the same ghouls that want people to present vaccine papers like it is about safety and science when they care about neither.

Tax and control you. Tell you that we need to tax travel by the mileage while imposing 60 MPH speed limits while they fly private. This is like when someone tells you the ocean is going to rise in 10 years and buys ocean front property to have several hundred people attend their birthday party while trying to tell vaccinated people to wear masks inside. Hard to believe idiots support their own demise but here we are. They take real issues and use them as a means to an end game, which is staying in power and controlling you. None of them are willing to sacrifice what they demand of you. That should tell you all you need to know about their intentions.


Good idea

Rules for thee, not for me


For the same reason me not using single use plastics isn’t going to reverse climate change.

I mean, you have a point, they should be leading by example… But they should also be bombing China until it cleans up it pollution.

Because they don’t give a fuck about the environment. All of that shit they are proposing on the Green New Deal is just more ways they can control the sheeple.


For the same reason they don’t follow their own dumb shit covid rules. Because they’re all full of shit.


It is really what it boils down to. When you ask others to sacrifice but aren’t willing to do so yourself it becomes clear you have ulterior motives and are not being honest.


OP is going to die by 2 bullets to the back of the head suicide



I’m sure if you asked them, they’d argue that their work is more important to the long term solution than their short term contributions to the problem.

Then you’ll point out their contributions from vacations & other unnecessary higher standards of living & they’ll change the subject.

That said, there’s no value in blaming individuals in either direction. It’s a much larger problem than that & the solutions aren’t going to be found at that level. A century of suburban sprawl from the automobile isn’t going to be unwound by forcing politicians to fly less, & ~200 countries industrializing pollution isn’t going to be unwound by forcing individuals to fly less. They’re both Hans Brinker & not where any useful conversation lies.


Muh climate change grift.


Same reason dementia joe just put a half million dollar fence around his home, but refuses to secure the border.




For the same reason that not using a straw ain’t gonna save the planet…

Do as I say not as I do said the master to the slave.