Why would God be angry with me?

Take a given man. This man is a good man in every sense of the word. However, for whatever reason he can't find it within himself to believe in God.

Given that he is only observing the world that God created, with the will and the senses god gave him, why would god be angry at him for not believing?

Also given the fact that if god is true all an athiest is going to gain is an eternity in hell, why would one take on an unfounded belief?

he wouldn't

he wouldn't

see thats my train of thought too...........

"This man is a good man in every sense of the word."

Starting with a faulty premise already.  Has this man ever lied, stolen, hated, lusted, used Gods name in vain?  If so, then he is not "good" in the eyes of God. 

what mask is trying to say is god hates us all and will let us have it unless we beleive in him, in which case we are allowed to grovel at his/her feet for eternity instead of burining in hell for ever and ever . cos he loves us mmkay

If Deity functions in this way, then I will lead a revolution to destroy It.

MS its already been done
the guy was LUCIFER

what have you done that would make you think Father,would be angry with you?


what have you done that would make you think Father,would be angry with you?

I'm not talking about me, just wondering why a god would be angry with someone chooses not to believe in him?

in the book of revelations,the book of life is read twice,so in case you don't get it the first time,you can still the second time.Father wishes all to accept his way,but the choice is yours,remember when the one you know as satan,tried to mouth off,Father had to stop laughing long enough to pull Michael off of (satan).

Father loves you,read the parable story of the lost son and perhaps that will help you.

best wishes.

Father wishes all to accept his way,but the choice is yours

No your missing the point. What if you want to believe but you just cant? Like a said a good man that just cant bring himself to believe, why would god be angry with him?

Yuki already answered that, He wouldn't......either somebody lied to you,or you've taken something wrong.

oh! you want to believe but cannot find him,i believe is what you mean,that takes cleansing,prayer,redemption,and changing to a pure(as humanly possible as it is) way of living.no church required!

So would this guy go to hell or not?

Blud- 1, You know my background does not have Satan rebelling but fulfiling his function, if one believes in angels. 2, that rebellion was led to counter the creation of humanity, not the inherent function of sin and redemption which would be the impetus of mine.

Bgyuk- The Deity you choose to believe in, regardless of Its nature, will treat you based on yourself.

Good means perfect so sorry no good men out there.

no perfect men,but plenty of good sons of the Father,

i agree with M.S. Father will treat you and bless you,and scourge you according to who you are,and your own personal relations with him.

Bgyuk...i think your looking for direct counsel from Father and that doesn't seem to happen to any one i know,and only a couple that i have read of. I go by the blessings i recieve,and by the relationship with our comforter the Holy Spirit. Even King Solomon could only manage,conversation with the Angel Michael,,never directly with Father,i believe it happens, but it is, as Abraham described it, a whisper in the ear that sounds like no other sound.


and in Italian desire means "from the Father."

The only good son of the Father is Jesus.

Bible fact

Aaron, not surprisingly, your statements don't make sense.
Definition of good:
1. morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: a good man.
2. reliable; dependable; responsible

Definition of perfect:
1. conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type

Good does not mean perfect. Perfect is an absolute term. It is still possible to be good without being perfect. Or are you suggesting that if you are not perfect, then you are the opposite, which is ... bad?

I notice that your only definition of a good man is Jesus, who you believe was God. So was he a good man, or a God? If he is the only good man, then all other men are bad right? Even Moses, Abraham, Noah?

Essentially what you are saying is that no human has the ability to be good. If that is the case, why bother striving for something that can never be achieved?