Why would Randy get title fight?

Aside from the fact that we all respect him, what has he done lately to deserve a title shot? I don't even see anyone questioning this.

Randy gets a title shot because how else are you supposed to draw people to a Tim Sylvia main event?

name the last guy randy lost to besides chuck, think fast

Because he's Randy.

Lack of prospects in the heavyweight division...who would you rather see in there with big Tim, Gonzaga or Couture? Makes more sense from a business standpoint to bring in Randy for the ticket sales. Probably going to be a lot more exiting also, he has more history in the cage.

Randy gets people to buy PPV, Sylvia does not.

He doesnt need a reason -The UK opinion...yes all of them.

LOL, ok, ok, I get it. I do want to see it. I just think that they should be following some sort of ranking system for title fights.

BECAUSE HE'S RANDY COUTURE. What? Do u want him to be 90 when he gets the nod.


What did u think Dana would offer him?

I'm surprised tho, I am not convinced (logically speaking) that he can handle Tim.

Please understand, I love the guy and what he's all about, but, like him or not, Sylvia's a BIG BOY.

This is not an easy fight for Randy.

I would rather him face Babalu or someone that fights at 205 but do much better cutting weight down to 185 (I guess that's Babalu.)

Man, he had a hard time against Van Arsdale!

Sad to say this, but, Tim will win.

Any Takers?

"Why would Randy get title fight?"

Hmmmm.... let's see.... maybe because he's THE most popular and one of the most accomplished fighters in the history of the UFC.

Bas would be a better legend to match Tim against, imo.

I wonder how Randy plans to close the distance to clinch up with Tim.

Because he doesn't have time to fight his way up.

Love Randy but Tim will win...FP

For the same reason Bernard Hopkins got to fight LHW champ Antonio Tarver coming off 2 losses and without ever fighting above MW. Because he's a living legend.


name the last guy randy lost to besides chuck, think fast

Vitor Belfort

"Bas would be a better legend to match Tim against, imo."

You have got to be kidding.

Because he's the 2 time HW champ and LHW champ who owned alot of youngins to get there.

Not only that but it's Tim Sylvia fight that could actually headline and generate some decent PPV numbers. Sylvia NEEDS Couture if he wants to headline.

Kimbo was next in line, but had previous engagement in some backyard in Georgia.

Randy is the obvious choice to keep the UFC title in house till Cro Cop has been established as a UFC fighter and takes the  strap.

"You have got to be kidding." (re: Bas)

I actually agree. I've never seen Tim go for a takedown, and he'd get mauled by Bas standing up.