Why would Rick Roufus make a fool

Why would he make a fool out of himself like this ?


Rick Roufus is claiming to have signed a contract with 'Too Famous Productions', with the hope that they can sign boxing legend Mike Tyson to face him in a kickboxing match.

According to kickboxing insiders in Las Vegas, this is mainly a publicity stunt to capitalize off of the Tyson signing with K-1. Too Famous Productions does have the signature of Roufus, but not Tyson's.

According to these same insiders, don't expect Tyson to sign for such a low-profile fight anytime soon unless very huge money is involved, or unless this fight happens in K-1.

I dont see how he is making a fool of himself.

im talking about it ? ya how lame it is lol makes him look stupid. anyone can challenge tyson.

"but if somebody respected did that, they'd turn into a laughingstock."Bob Sapp?

Oh, yes I see your point.

I thought Tyson rejected the offer saying that it woiuld be a waste of time to fight for peanuts in MMA or K-1 when he can get several million for boxing any top 10 heavyweight.