why you should wear a cup !

i was having a warm up roll before class with another student and i had half guard and he tried to slide out of it all of a sudden i hear a pop and im screaming like a b**ch. well my left inner thigh was swollen immediately and everyone thought i had a hernia. so i go to the hospital and the diagnosis was i popped a fluid pouch benath my left testicle . well luckily if it heals right i should be fine but the pain is excruciating and my traing is done for a while. so if anyone thinks a jock strap aint important think again !

I wonder what Ben Perry would have to say about that...

is my wookie broken would have been an awesome title

hope your wookie heals soon

I don't know how people roll without a cup. I get dinged right on the cup at least once a class.

purchases cup

uses Thomas Hamilton's credit card to purchase a cup

I appreciate the financial and physical support!!!!

I guess this is a perfect time to call you 'numb nuts'
!!! j/k!

dude the reason i dont wear a cup is because i was told by a jiu jitsu instructor a cup hinders your game and rarely ever do you ever take a major nut shot. now i was told this many years ago and my nuts have been fine for years but finally after years of giving nuts shots karma of the nuts has caugt up to me. but seriously im really fucked up and i definetily advise everyone to wear a cup or end up in massive f***ing pain like me!

Damn that sucks bro. How the hell would wearing a cup hinder your game? That is just stupid. I always wear one. TTT for cups

broke a cup once, as someone was passing my guard...

needless to say, i bought a steel cup shortly after

well its hard to get a triangle because it gives your opponent room to breath and manuever and with armbars you have to pull the arm to the side of the cup to get the tap. i mean it wont kill your game but i just like the freedom of not wearing it . when i use to play football i was never the guy with neck brace or the extra guard on his face mask i just was more comfortable with less protective equipment but i have learned my lesson the hard way. guys wear your cup!

The armbar is easier to get the tap with a cup because it is elevated and you can bend the arm back farther (and not worry about squeezing your balls). The triangle has been the same for me with or without cup.

That sucks. Good luck with your wookie.

i will take your advice bludhall. so i will your never grind my crotch on your mom again... your moms a hell of a man ! :(

aint no WAY in HELL i would not bring my cup... of kool aid.

never wore a cup in almost 4 years BJJ and 2 years lacrosse

Buy a steel cup. It will be your best investment ever. I don't wear one for grappling but I always wear one for striking. Plastic CUPs can break if you get a good shoot


wear a cup or no reproduce

as my no gi instructor told me. "squeeze the thighs to save the balls"

he recommended against a cup too b/c it would shift around and end up
hurting you more.

and then he said, "squeeze the thighs to save the balls"

I don't know what style/sport you practice, but at least in BJJ cups are not allowed (by IBJJF rules, and most (major) organizations/events use those).