Why you watch your flank. Vid



Another good example of why you should pay attention.




I've seen that video before. Black dude thinks he's real tough with that flying superman suckerpunch. I would have been surprised if he didn't lay that guy out with that punch

Takes a real man to blind side a person like that.

Suckerpunching coward, what a loser.

first of all he outweighs the guy by atleast 100lbs and he has to take a suckerpunch...and he didnt even connect clean. what a loser. i hope someone violates him pulp fiction style at some point in his life

Sucker punching is always cowardly. That's why you have to pay attention with bad vibes in the air.

"bad vibes in the air."


I think the situation is a bit more obvious then an imaginary sensation a substance creates.

Really? When I'm around people and someone is feeling violent I can usually feel those vibes. It's an uncomfortable feeling and a sense of foreboding.

But I'm not just talking about that, that little guy had to do something to piss off that fat dude. So he either had it coming or the fat dude is just psycho and suddenly decided to brutally beat his ass.

Was kinda funny how he grinned at the camera before punching that kid though.

youre still a cowardly loser to sucker punch someone like that. i can "understand" it if you are outweighed by a lot and feel you need to take an early advantage. doesnt make it right still but understandable

The black dude thought he was SOOOOOOOOo tough for knocking the skinny fucker out with a sucker punch. What a tool.

Knoxville, thanks for linking those for me.