Wicked Cool Snare Shells

A fried of mine just bought these, and brought them over so I could take pics with my nice digital camera.

They're both stave shells.

8x14, 1 inch thick Purpleheart. The shell weighs 9 pounds!

6x14, 1/2 inch thick Zebrawood.

Very nice.

Have you played them?

wicked cool!

Not yet. They're still just shells. I think he ordered the screws this week. He had to special order some for the super-deep one. I'll probably get a chance to play them in the next 2 weeks or so.

Who has those? Is it Nunu? Those look pretty kewl.

Nunu it is. The Zebrawood one will be a drum tonight.

ttt for results.

Said shells are finally drums!

Sweet. How is the tone on those? I know what happens when you make a guitar out of those woods, but not a drum.

They sounded pretty bad at first. I heard them and cringed. He says he's been experimenting with different heads and tuning, and they're coming along. I haven't heard them since he started adjusting.

What does happen when you make a guitar out of these woods?

Purpleheart tends to make for a guitar with slightly dark tone,upper mids are attenuated while treble is clear without being harsh. Zebrawood is usually a bit more active in the upper mids with a bit of bass roll off, not a lot of mass in the lows.