Wicked Gang Street Fight (vid)




TS should put a warning in the OP. Don't watch with volume. Most annoying girl ever narrates.

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No shortage of KOs and cheap shots Phone Post 3.0

has anyone involved in a fight ever listened to the ubiquitous annoying screaming girl in the background?

where is that?  

The girl deserves to get her assed kicked for all the dumbass comments she made. I skipped around and couldn't understand why she started crying though.

The guy in blue who got KO'ed, got what he deserved. He was mounted on an unconscious man beating him, like that makes him a tough fighter or something

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The head kick to the guy rocking GnP was brutal and hilarious in equal measures.

Guy flops back like he's been shot

There were people just walking by like that was normal. Two people looked like they could've been dead for awhile. Phone Post 3.0

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Beaners are gonna bean Phone Post 3.0

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Purpose - I don't understand why that girl is crying. She knows what type of people she hangs out with. If you hate that shit so much, why do you get involved with those dudes?

Well, she started out saying "I'm going to kick their asses. SERIOUSLY."

Maybe, the weight of being a stupid bitch and a liar was so much that she wept?

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she was all about it , till the out come.....then "what the fuck"

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A) Don't go to the ground in the street.

B) If you do end up on the ground, don't sit there and admire your handy work.