Wicked Hook?

We hear the phrase "that guy's got a WICKED Hook"
all the time. Just what makes a hook wicked?

Is it fast? Sharp? Powerful? Short? For the most
part I think they're just talking about guys who like
to throw their hooks a lot. People say I have a
"wicked hook" but mine's only average. I just throw
more per round than most... some of them actually
land, and of those that land, some actually hurt.

Maybe it´s the ability to land the punch that makes it wicked? Knowing when to throw it, etc.

Some people say you're just born with a left hook...however I think it's a punch that demands MUCH more refinement and technique than your standard right hand, and really is the highest form of boxing as an art.

The best left hookers I've seen in recent years are Roy Jones and Oscar (at 147, and especially at 130-140). A well placed hook, the theory goes, lands on a guy from an angle he doesn't see AND messes up the brain, jarring it severely. This is why the most vicious knockouts tend to come from left hooks, especially when the recipient is throwing his OWN left hook and his chin is perfectly exposed.

Best old-time left hookers: Joe Frazier, Tony Zale, and Jake LaMotta would throw five or six in a row though he wasn't a big puncher.

Personally I liked Louis' hook. Quick, short, sharp
and powerful. He could get off three hammering hooks
in the time it takes me to get off one. That being
said, I'm still looking for an answer to what makes
a hook good.

Frazier's a good example. People talk about his hook
all the time even though he had a tendency to throw
it wide, and it wasn't really exceptionally fast.
Sure he had some power in it, and he ended a lot of
fights with it, but that's as much a function of how
much he threw it than anything else.

I liked wolcotts' left hook, the one that floored marciano.

but generally, yes, a wicked left hook is one that you can't see, but feels like a cross.