Wicked shockah: san fran crime skyrockets


LOVE IT!!! Keep going. Steal it all. Force people out of jobs, force stores to close. Maybe people will start starving. Then, if all works out just right, people will start eating each other. A democratic paradise! Utopia created by the progressive mind.


Didn’t they legalize shoplifting up to $1,000 last year?


tailoring policy/law to the scumbag losers has negative consequences?

If you really want to help junkies-because that is who is committing most of these crimes, either for fences or for themselves-and the general public then we should load them up onto planes and fire them directly into Satan’s asshole.


It’s almost as if when you tolerate crime, people commit more crimes…

But that couldn’t be…




Too many police


And we wonder why democrats love daddy government.

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Yep, $950 or under is legal theft. If you wanna see how great it’s gotten. Just follow this account.


Not even 10 years ago it was still a beautiful, pleasant city. You could run into John Madden at a local toy store and overhear him giving directions to a tourist thats completely clueless to the gravity of the legend helping them out…

I highly doubt you’ll see John Madden wading through the maze of junkies, shit, and discarded goodwill clothing littering the streets of that place these days.

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In what sense? Prop 47 essentially made shoplifting legal. Technically it’s a misdemeanor but it’s never enforced. I’ve watched 10+ hours worth of docs on San Fran alone and CVS/Walgreens have guards and security who can’t even do anything when the theft is happening blatantly in plain sight.

I hate to see American cities and businesses fail. But if this is what it takes to defeat liberalism, the sacrifices are acceptable.

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Is John Madden walking anywhere these days? Or even taking the Cruiser out?

oh its a misdemeanor, so criminal. so the police choose not to act on it because they dont deem it serious enough? wow, what other misdemeanors are the police ignoring because they arent worth their time?

if only there were other areas of the country that had done the same thing and not seen a huge spike in shoplifiting… i mean imagine if their own law enforcement admitted there was an organized crime effort going on that was spiking numbers.

California where it is legal to give someone aids and steal shit but you are gonna go to jail if you dont wear a mask while you do it


Isn’t the district attorney the child of some weather underground terrorist?

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No it wasnt. I lived on Gough St, in San Francisco. City always felt dirty. Some of the most unfriendly people of I ever. No parking, ever on the street. worked in financial district.

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I had 2 business trips to SF back in the mid-late 90s where I tacked on an extra week each time as vacation. It was a beautiful city. The streets were very clean and the people nice and friendly. I walked in the Tenderloin by myself many times during those trips and it looked and it felt safer than Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen during the late 80s to early 90s. I remember Buena Vista Park and Golden Gate Park being spectacularly beautiful. Sad to hear how that city has fallen.

Defeat liberalism? LOL this is only the beginning.