Wierd Outlook Message

I just got a new PC. It has XP with Adaware and Spybot on it but no virus checking yet. When I was using my PC the other day I got a message in my Outlook mailbox saying that an email I tried to send failed. The only thing was I hadn't tried to send any email for a few days and I did not recocgnise the address the mail was sent to. I only email half a dozen people from home and it definately was not anyone I know.

Has my PC been hi-jacked by someone?

Not nessecarily. It is possible that someone who has your email address in their contact list is infected. The virus will put out an email FROM everyone in the address book, and often the message will get bounced back to you. Had this happen on a pager, which was (obviously) not infected with a windows virus


BTW, you should still run a scan