Wife bought a Wii

And the Wii sports game is pretty damn fun. Simple, lacking on content, but super fun.

If this system gets any deeper sports sims that use the motion controller, gaming could change as we know it.

Wii? Is that like a WoW expansion pack or something?

As this is anecdotal I don't think too many here will fully grasp how amazing it really is. However, the bowling game impressed my father so much when I took my Wii home over the holidays that when I was out with some friends that night he took effort to actually figure out how to turn the Wii on and put the TV on the right video setting. For a guy that hates technology as much as him, this was no small feat.

He enjoyed Bowling and Tennis so much that I'm thinking when March comes around I'll split the cost with my brother and get him a Wii for his birthday.

the problem with wii sports is that the game has Zero depth. I cant play it alone. But with some simple stats keeping, create a character, real teams, online play etc, I might quit WoW for Wii.

I'll say this for the wii: a whole lot of people I know who are generally not interested in videogames are interested in the wii. It can definately expand the overall market.

I took mine over to my sister's house for the kids to play. Well my sister and brother in law sent the kids to bed and we sat there and played it for a few hours. And I don't think they've ever touched a video game. I ended up leaving it there for the week and my niece told me she could hear my sister playing it at night. Also, I'm not sure if it means anything, but a few people who have played the bowling game have been shocked that the ball does exactly what it does to them when they bowl for real, like curving to the left too much. Playing it is lots of fun, but I also get the sense that the true brilliance is yet to come with how it's going to be used in games.

"I don't see how Wii is anything special. I would much rather play in 1080p with pixel shading vectors and press buttons. Flailing your arms around like that cannot be fun and you look foolish. It is far more cool to sit on your couch by yourself, in your underwear, playing Halo."

I would much rather play Pictionary than Wii if you're talking party games. I personally don't think the evolution of videogames should stall out in favor of party time-wasters that could have been done on ANY previous generation of systems if the controller had been released for them.

Where did I say graphics are all that matter? I doubt Wii will be able to do all the same stuff with physics and AI that we will see from 360 and PS3 this generation, either; and even if it can, you won't see much of it, because most of the people buying Wiis are primarily interested in their 15-minutes-of-fun minigames. Someone who is "intimidated" by having to move a thumbstick and hit "A" to jump isn't likely to be interested in Metroid 3 just because they can swing their arm around to aim this time.

My point is that for mindless, depth-free party games that you're never going to touch in any other situation, we don't need videogames at all. Get out Twister. Play poker.

And PC will always beat consoles in terms of pushing things forward, so what? Consoles are a good alternative for people like me that have zero interest in sitting in a chair two feet from a 20" monitor to play games, having spent much of the day doing that for work, to say nothing of the constant hassle and expense of upgrades.

Stuff like AI, physics, weather, lighting -- all things that can make gameplay more interactive, more immersive, less predictable, and more open. But adding complexity and depth isn't likely to appeal to the people that are making Wii such a success.

"if youll settle for console graphics vs pc graphics then theyre obviously not that important"

They aren't the most important, but are the most easily noticed sign of progress. And PC gaming is out of the question for me because of inconvenience, expense, and comfort. Does that mean I should say "oh well, if I'm not getting the absolute best, I might as well get the absolute WORST"? This is besides the fact that until Crysis comes out, Gears of War is still the best-looking videogame I've ever seen.

Wow, there is some bitter people on this thread.

Yes, it surprises me every time when I see the bitter, hate filled rants against the Wii.

These seem to come from the suppossed "hardcore" gamers mainly, who for some reason seem to feel their latest "mature" action titles with 7th grade level dialogue and plots, generic art design and standard game design are invalidated because people are having fun swinging their arms around playing simple sports game.

Consoles Sold

360: 9.6 million
WII: 2.3 million
PS3: 800k


wii makes fps's FUN. i'm not on fps fan but aiming with the remote makes ALOT more sence than moving a crosshair.