Wife Comments Weekend Fights

The wifes or girlfriends always watch the fights in a unique way. They come up with things us men would never think of. Here are my wife's comments from UFC and Pride PPV's (what she actually watched with me).

1) During the Liddel-Ortiz fight as we were discussing Tito going with Jenna Jamieson, she says geez I would think she would go more for Chuck than Tito. I guess that means she thinks Chuck is more attractive, something I never thought of.

2) During the Yoshida fight on Pride tonight, she says oh the UFC is a different class, isn't it. The reality is Pride had the more technical fights and better fights this time around, except for scrubs like Yoshida.

3) As I was watching the Akebono-Giant Silva replay on my computer, she walks in and says what are you watching WWF? I started laughing.

4) I had a lot of money on Chuck and my wife says, Tito is going to win this fight. After Chuck finished him, she said, see I told you. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I think she was just bullshitting me, but did not want to burst her bubble.

5) First thing she says to me this morning is I kind of feel sorry for Tito crying. I did not feel sorry at all considering the history. With that being said, Tito has nothing to be ashamed of at all IMO. He did a good job with an impossible styles mistmatch.

Did you tell her to shup up and get back to the dishes?

You keep a tv AND a computer in the Kitchen?

"First thing she says to me this morning is I kind of feel sorry for Tito crying"

Your wife is in deep love with Tito, go dye your hair blond and try to enlarge it...

chuck is right

She doesn't find Chuck more attractive, it is the fact that he is the winner
that is attractive.

this thread is useless without pics of wife

why does this have to come up after every ufc?!?!

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We care much less about what you're woman thinks than you do. This thread is a waste of space.