Wife Crashes Her Sister’s Job Interview After Finding Out She Slept With Her Husband

The thing I want to know is…



So she didn’t get the job?

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Take it easy Francis. You don’t have to read the entire thread if it’s going to upset you.

The only person that got a job was the husband. A blow job

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All I can wonder is, ‘WTF is wrong with someone that they’re so fucked up they’d destroy their own family like that?’

You know there’s no winning here and the whore will be condemned by her own parents and her sister will never forgive her.

Her sister just destroyed her entire life plan.

Things are already off the rails, 3 hours at the police station before getting bailed out isn’t going to make a significant difference at this point.

I wonder how the cheating husband got it?

This wife def rode the fuck out of a BBC that night as revenge


You are embarrassed and trying to deflect

Oh lol you got me. You’re a bright one aren’t you.


Episode 1 Showtime GIF by Shameless

What a savage ass beating. my god.

What are the chances this is the same woman that trashed the local Applebees naked?

Can you imagine a three way with those two tigresses?

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Boss: Well your credentials are solid but unfortunately you’re not the candi…

Sister bursts in, laying epic beatdown

Boss: So…you like to fuck? Welcome to team. You can cum Monday.