Wife expecting on March 17th ;o)

Hi everyone, guess it is close enough now ;o)

My wife and I are expecting our first child on March 17th. We're into 38 weeks now, so anytime now...

not sure if its a boy or a girl yet, as BC won't tell you the sex before 20 weeks and then we ended up getting an ultrasound at a Catholic hospital (we aren't having the kid delivered there though) close to our condo after that time and they always come up with an excuse not to tell you...oh well, doesn't matter, we have lots of yellow, and a mix of blue and pink stuff.

Anyway, happy times just waiting around to have 9 months of "no work"...


Congratulations Sothy !  Catch up on your sleep while you can.

Congratulations! If your child is born on March 17th, does that make your kid Irish?

congrats sothy!

and, boy or girl makes no difference. wishing you a healthy 10 fingers and 10 toes!


And wouldn't ya know it - that's my birthday as well???!!!

Best wishes to you, your wife and the new addition to your family!

Congrats and Prayers for a healthy newborn!

My wife and I are expecting our fourth (uh...1,2,...yeah) child in June. We have 3 boys and are hoping for a litle girl this time. Our kids, though rough at times, =) have all been blessings to us.

Like NWD wrote above...LIFE WILL CHANGE!

God bless,



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Congrats!  My wife will be having a boy in June!  I can't wait.  It will be my first child! 

Congrats again to both Steve & Sothy!

Congrats to Sothy and Lance!!

GOOD JOB SOTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks everyone and congrats to Lance and Steve

yeah, we're just hoping that the kid is healthy as well...

"Congrats to Sothy and Lance!! "
Sothy and Lance are having a baby?!?

big congrats sothy, where about in BC are you? I am in Coquitlam.


Congratulations...My wife & I just hit 36 weeks and are due March 30th with baby #1.

Nervous, excited, then nervous, then petrified, back to excited. Every couple of hours!!

oh just you wait.. them fake contractions are a bitch.

oh, and.. PLEASE, PLEASE.. put your damn baby carseats in NOW. not when the baby arrives. learn how the damn things work NOW. just had a terrible experience with a dumbass couple we know who decided that carseats were not that important and installed them wrong. needless to say, when taking the lil fella home, the seat tipped over onto the side.

Installing the carseats this weekend ;) Fortunately, my mom is one of the NHTSA experts/trainers in child passenger safety, so she bought 3 bases and knows how to do. It really is much more complicated than we all think.  

"Sothy and Lance are having a baby?!? "

LOL - Not together!

congrats pisand!

we had our girl on March 7th at 9:55pm!

We named her Ema Luxmi Mylvaganam.

If you go to the website:


and enter baby ID: 10006079

and password: ema

you can see a picture of her in the middle of crying ;o) Although the
hospital photograher was good so you can barely tell.

The last week has gone by very quickly and in a sleepy haze. It's been great!