Wife found this on another board. THREAD OF YEAR

My wife stumbled across this on a wedding website.

I pray the husband is an OGer.




Not-so-regular Bee (but regular and shy lurker) going totally anonymous to put this out into the ether.  I got married about a year ago to a man I met through some activities at my church.  He is wonderful in almost every way and treats me so well.  We did not live together before marriage, and were not intimate until our wedding night, by choice.  We did date for about 2 years before getting married and were on some overnight trips together in a group setting.

I can't even believe that I am going to write this.  On our honeymoon, I discovered a package of adult diapers in an overnight bag that he brought.  (I wasn't snooping; I asked if he had a band-aid, and he told me to look in the bag.). I asked him about the diapers, and he started crying and sort of withdrew from me for several hours.  We went to dinner that night, and he acted like nothing was wrong, but I couldn't stand it so I finally begged him to tell me what was going on. .......



He confessed that he's had an issue with having bowel movements (sorry if TMI) since he was a kid.  He says he cannot have a bowel movement unless he puts on the adult diaper and has the bowel movement into the diaper.  He has been doing this for years, he says.  When I asked him how he could possibly make it through the day like that (or a long flight for our honeymoon) without someone, for lack of a better term, noticing, he said he's become expert at masking scent and disposing of his used diapers.  At that point on our honeymoon, he said he had already used his diapers twice in public without me knowing (obviously).  I know one of the times was during a side trip where I remember that he kept saying that he needed to find a bathroom.  After he told me, I got upset and questioned him about it, and he said he had walked around that day with a "used" diaper on for 2 hours.

I don't even know what to do.  I am horrified.  I don't believe in divorce, but honestly, I'm not sure that I'm even attracted to my husband anymore.  And I feel like a horrible person, because I took vows for better or for worse, and if I love him this shouldn't matter, right?

Do you think there is someone he could talk to or a doctor that he could see?  I'm at a loss on what to do, and I just can't tell any family members or friends.  So I'm putting this out there.  I am so lost.  I am so humiliated.  He actually told me during a follow-up conversation we had that I was being "cruel" by making him talk about this.  Maybe I should not make him talk about it.  Maybe I am making it into a bigger deal than it needs to be.  It's not like it really directly affects me in any way.  And I feel like screaming at his mother. Who lets her child grow up this way?

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You pray its an OGer?

Bro, that is EVERY OGer. Phone Post 3.0


What? You guys don't wear diapers? Phone Post 3.0

Thats not hard to fix. Just let nature take its course. Dont put on the diaper...eventually you will shit Phone Post 3.0

Sounds like good ole fashioned ingenuity to me... Phone Post 3.0

At first when I read they met in church and the guy wore diapers, I assumed his asshole was blown from copious amounts of closet gay sex.

Tell her it could be worse...

Therapy would fix that no problem.

FABombDropper - That's a shitty thing to stumble on.

That really stinks for her.

Should she leave him? Depends. Phone Post 3.0
Touche Phone Post 3.0

If peeing your pants is cool, consider him Miles Davis

Maybe she should try wearing a diaper too? It may very well be a bonding experience and strengthen the marriage. You never know if you like something until you try it...

Just sayin

FABombDropper - That's a shitty thing to stumble on.

That really stinks for her.

Should she leave him? Depends. Phone Post 3.0
I like you. Phone Post

Eisenberg -

Therapy would fix that no problem.

This. Phone Post 3.0

It'd be brilliant if that guy made it up to try to get out of marriage by freaking her out, ha Phone Post 3.0

Just to show him he could do it without the diapers cause probably a comfort issue. Give ex lax filled fudge and hide the diapers. Phone Post 3.0

Walk around and shit whenever, wherever you want...this guy might be on to something

FABombDropper - That's a shitty thing to stumble on.

That really stinks for her.

Should she leave him? Depends. Phone Post 3.0
Bravo!! Very well done!! Phone Post 3.0