Wife got denied her permanent residency for the USA

Our immigration policy really needs to be overhauled.

It was important to my wife and me that we go about her getting her citizenship the legal and correct way and not be like the illegals that are a burden to our system. My wife has her Visa. She pays her taxes like any citizen before her. She got all her shots and yet the system still is making it overly hard for us.

She filled out her forms and she got her medical screening. Shes gone to her meetings. Where did it go wrong for her? The immigration lawyer didnt file her claim for permanent residence within 60 days of her medical evaluation. So we are back at square one all because of this lawyer and the system does not care. Thousands of dollars and hours wasted due to negligence of one lawyer.

What a POS.


That’s the lawyer, not the system dude.

Fuck that guy.

Also, your wife sounds like a damn fine immigrant and exactly the type we need in this country.



Residency in the USA is a privilege. You should be glad she can still apply, if you don’t like the country, she/you can GTFO

Sorry to hear this, and there has to be recourse as far as the lawyer’s fuckup goes, no?

Doesn’t take much to get you going huh?


Reach out and ask USCIS if you can send an updated 693.


As far as I know no. We have reached out to his office and he has not answered any calls or returned any messages. Him or his team.

That’s unfortunate, but it’s not a lost cause, so focus on that. It’s a temporary setback. Learn EVERYTHING you can about the process, get the best legal assistance you can, and she has a very good chance of her request being granted. I absolutely appreciate immigrants that are doing this legally.

Sweet. I appreciate the advice. We will use every legal option we can.

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Sorry to hear that happened. But real quick, how can I get my wife deported? She’s legal, but just wondering


You don’t have to file the 693 when you file the I-485 (I assume that’s what you filed).


Sounds like just a shitty Lawyer.

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Thanks Biden

One of my best friends is from South America. He’s been here since he was 6 (parents came over properly), but his parents dropped the ball on getting things handled for him and his brothers.
He’s now 38, US educated, home owner, business owner, rental property owner, has better financial discipline than 90% of the people we know, and still has all sorts of restrictions and hoops to jump through in order to do basic things like lease a car.
Forget International travel.
He’s spent thousands of dollars and the last 3 years of his time trying to get shit straightened out for him and his younger brother.
In a sad irony, he’s getting fucked by a scumbag deadbeat tenant (US citizen) who stopped paying pre-covid, and can’t do jack shit about it because of the eviction moratorium in NJ.
It’s nuts. There need to be milestones to expedite the path to permanent residency, financial or otherwise. Military service, government service, etc. Invest in the US, and they will invest in you.

The scumbags in Washington don’t see it that way, though. They’d rather flood the country with masses of people who will be dependent on them, and push to expand rights en bloc in return for votes. Entrepreneurial people who come here to truly pursue the American Dream aren’t worth their time (talking to you, Democrats), because they destroy the narrative that there’s an insurmountable barrier between the haves and have nots in this country. Alto made a good point in another thread yesterday about how self-starters and entrepreneurial people are no good for the current narrative, and I agree.


Yes she filled an I-485 like you said.

GTH in the house, dropping actual knowledge. VU.

Call your lawyer and ask him to call USCIS and ask them to leave the case open so that she can get an updated I-693. I think you got a reviewer who was just looking to clear a case.

If the guy is clueless, reach out to me and I’ll try and help pro bono.



You can contact the bar in your state. Your congress people.

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What are you trying to achieve here? Most of us are very anti-illegal immigration, but OP is trying to handle things the right way.

Oh, and this might blow your mind, but OP is at least half black and married to a Jamaican woman. He’s also quite conservative and relatable to the majority of us here.