Wife got in trouble for not participating on a Juneteenth Zoom Meeting today

The best part is that she is black and the people running the meeting are Caucasian. They told her it was voluntary so she continued to just work throughout the day but got reprimanded about how although it was voluntary that support/participation for those affected was important. I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile.

BTW, this is from a Fortune 100 company.



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She should pull the race card on them and flip their whole world upside down.


That’s a shame….they were are all really hoping for the opportunity to show your wife how non racist they are…



She looks like a darker skin Alicia Keys and I will leave it at that.

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She just seems shocked by it. The whole thing was hilarious. She had to sit through a few different anti racism calls this week so she needed to catch up on work and missed this “voluntary” call.

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That’ll do
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White liberals treat black people like their pets. They just rubbed your wife’s nose in the mess she made on the carpet.


This does sound a lot like a “and everyone clapped” tweet

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Corporate feminazis get ultra mad when you don’t tune into their brainwashing exercises. Especially the ones with a marketing degree.


She should just call them all racist and they would come crawling on their knees begging forgiveness. They might even give her a raise.


Of all the things that didn’t happen today…

I bet the meeting lacked “diversity” and they needed her there so it wouldn’t look like a klan rally. Plus, their theatrics are pointless if they don’t have an audience to see how they’re some of the good white people

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she works for a massive US corporation. they have been slowly introducing these weekly/monthly meetings ever since the riots last year. the issue is that the actual office has really low diversity numbers which makes these meetings even more awkward. according to her, when one of the only minorities speak out or just not to get involved in these “voluntary” things they get reprimanded. it is a circle jerk.

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the scary part is that it as ridiculous as it seems it did happen. organizational theory/human capital practices have continued to push agendas further and further.

she told me out of the entire corporate office there are 4 black people (including her). they told her that her support for the others would have meant something lol.

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