Wife got me a custom butcher block for bday!! Eee!


That is bad ass sir!  Happy Birthday! You better give her that sting as thanks!

You'll make a good wife someday 

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Awesome...give the wife some wood in return

you know Dollar Tree's have cutting boards right?

That’s cool. A friend of mine makes amazing cutting boards from wood on his property. If you have one of those built-in cutting boards that slides out of your cabinets, he’ll make a custom replacement for that too.

Damn real nice

Damn those are cool as hell! 

Good wife, dope!

He's got an Etsy store and ships for free. Crazy cheap considering the quality and time he puts into them. 


For any Canadians looking a nice board these guys are good, I bought one from them.



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Looks awesome dude!

Nice.  I love my end grains.  I started making them like 2 years ago.  Ive done like a dozen now and have grown to hate making them. But they look awesome and are great to cut on. 


In. Awesome of your wife!

Nice.  I'm jealous. 

what is the link for it? i can't find it on bed bath and beyond's website.

We got ours when some kind of chef's supply house was closing down. Thing is massivea and has its own legs. Must weigh 60 pounds.

Kinda looks like this only more industrial (better).