Wife got me back for MEME


A few days ago I posted the link above. Well in order to restore peace she wants me to post this meme that she made of me looking like a little gossip girl. In my defense I just cut a little weight and showered. I dont know what to say besides have a laugh on me and a sequel to how that ended up. I gotta live in this house. Have fun, but remember I posted that for you.


Tell her; nicely done!

 pic shows up as a x on my screen?

tsr94 -
cadamb41 -

 pic shows up as a x on my screen?

Damn nice pic.. Can almost see her tits. Those tats and shaved head tho... Woo.... Plus black panties ... Damn. Phone Post 3.0
1st legit dis and also a compliment. VU for u Phone Post 3.0

Lol Phone Post 3.0

Need to fix your sheet Phone Post 3.0

Is that a dildo under your bed?

Nice panties, bro. Phone Post 3.0

Axel Foley - Nice panties, bro. Phone Post 3.0



HAHAHAHA....fucking love it brother! She did good! Phone Post 3.0

Lol burn Phone Post 3.0