Wife is pregnant

FUCK YEAH!! Congrats on the baby and one tough as nails wife.

Keep us updated.


My wife had a c-section and I also choose not to cut the cord, so don’t feel bad! It’s a lot to take in and by that moment, I felt that it was pointless since the baby wasn’t attached to mom.

Both i think she was still in pain (was in severe pain all day hence them switching to c-section), but also I believe panicking from blood loss, exhaustion and bp/bs ups and downs. At one point before they made the decision she was a tad out of it and when questioned, got her name and DoB right but said she was back in FL (we moved 6 yrs ago).

I don’t feel bad not cutting the cord, it isn’t as big of a deal to me, i was more worried about the wife and making sure baby was safe

Wife is home although not sure if she should be with how much pain she is in and how little she can do.

Daughter was taken back into NICU. She failed car seat test twice (oxygen levels dropped too much too long when in car seat) and then had some breathing issues during feeding and after. Since she had some apnea off bottle she has to have no other incidents for a week so earliest she can come home is Wednesday afternoon.

It’s killing us but we know she is where she should be if there are health concerns.


That is the absolute best place for her to be, can’t mommy go back in there w baby even for a few days?

sending you strength and peaceful thoughts broham, the worst part is done. the body always heals, of this you can be certain.

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Thoughts and prayers brotha! She’s absolutely in the best hands for now.

You and wifey need to sleep, sleep as much as you can right now.

it will help her physically and you must be mentally drained so you both need some deep sleep the next 2 days. I know it’s impossible to put baby thoughts aside but if you want to simplify it this is what you must do.

Keep hanging in there man.

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It’s hard! I had twin boys in the NICU for 9 days. It sucked but it could of been a lot worse and they were safe the entire time. For mom. I know she hurts like hell but she needs to get up and walk. It helps even if it sucks. And take Tylenol and Motrin on a schedule and don’t miss a dose! She’ll be good my man! Daughter too !

Do yourself a favor and get an Owlet smart sock. My daughter had a ton of Bradys before she came home. If it wasn’t for the owlet I don’t know how we’d sleep. It’s such an amazing piece of mind.

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i cant believe nobody has asked the usual OG question: who is the father?

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The usual OG answer is Jamal.