Wife Swap MMA Looking for Fighters

My name is Kristen and I am a Casting Producer for the ABC hit reality show 'Wife Swap.' We are currently casting for our fifth season and we are looking for female boxers and MMA fighters with families to feature on our show. We have never featured a female fighter before and we think it would be great exposure for the sport as well as fun for the families involved. If you know of any women that train at your gym and might be interested in this opportunity, please pass this along.

The premise of Wife Swap is simple: for seven days, two wives from two different families with very different values exchange husbands, children and lives (but not bedrooms) to discover what it's like to live a different family's life. It's an interesting social experiment and a great way to see your family in a whole new light. It is shot as a documentary series, so NO scripts and no set. It's just one camera that is documenting your life.
Families that appear on the show will receive a financial honorarium for lost wages, time and commitment. And if you refer a family that appears on the show you would receive $1000.Here at 'Wife Swap' we look for a two-parent home with at least one child between the ages of 6 and 17 living at home full time.
If you are interested, please email me your contact information and tell me a little about your family. Or if you would like to refer a family, please email me their contact information and I will be in touch.
Thank you!
Kristen Phelan
Casting Associate Producer
100 6th Ave, 3rd Floor,Suite 3-29
NY, NY 10013
P: 646.747.7936
E: Casting.Kristen@gmail.com

We have never featured a female fighter before 

Not true, Jennifer Alcorn was on the show a couple years ago.

But I love that show :)

wasnt their that lady with the step son and was obsessed with the dojo? Not tha i saw it or anything


I don't Know never have watched the show. I just got off the phone and I told her that I would get the word out about this. I could be really big for someone



Haven't been keeping up to fighters' personal lives, but wouldn't Brandon Vera and his GF who was featured on Fight Girls be just the perfect couple for the show? I will say that I have no idea wether whey have a child or not.

Just a thought, best of luck with the show!

tito and jenna

Wife Swap MMA? Now that's a great idea!


I'm a dude and I don't fight and I don't have a family, but I'm a pretty good actor.  Would it be worth trying out?




is that the show where the crazy fat woman was screaming about the devil and that she was a god warrior.

ouch_my_elbow - is that the show where the crazy fat woman was screaming about the devil and that she was a god warrior.

 LMAO.  Poor lady--also the only partial episode I have seen.  She was a "god warrior" indeed.


 moa palmer is a mom!