Wife wants to be a realtor.

my wife recently got her real estate license and is working for a broker. It's a lot work and a lot of "extortion fees" as my wife refers to them.

She needed to take a class and a test in NC to get her license and about 40% of the class passed.

Most of the people that go into it aren't willing to do the work required.

Pulls down pants in front of mrs Barobb

"Excuse me, is this a lot?" Phone Post 3.0

People think they can just jump into that field and make a ton of money without too much work. Must be a nice world to live in.

To be fair, most women get a bug up their ass to do something with their lives when they hit 30-40. I know this hits men too but most men want to start a business. Whereas most women want to become real estate agents, notaries or open their own bakery. Some go into law enforcement.

Good luck man. There are trying times ahead for sure. I wouldn't say crush her dreams but be ready for lots of failure and support. Phone Post 3.0

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Barobb - She wants to start part time while staying at her current job to see if it's for her. If she likes it or is successful then go fulltime. I know she can be good at it its just the risk of leaving a steady 40hr check for the risk/reward of being a realtor. Phone Post 3.0

you can't do RE "part time" and be successful.

she'll be working 20-30 hours per week on top of her regular job if she's going to find any success in RE.

if she's not working the field every day, where will she get her leads or listings? do you two know a bunch of people looking to buy or sell? is your area seeing an increase in sales? what kind of market do you live in?

those and a bunch of other questions should be looked at seriously before your wife decides to RE part time.

This is great timing. My wife has been talking about quitting her primary job to do this and I didn't want to even have the conversation.

While our area is seeing an uptick in sales and we do know people honestly with our skills we would be better off flipping the occasional house and seeing her do our furniture business full time.

it can be extremely lucrative but can take months just to make 1 commission. my wife has been doing it "part time" with the two women i mentioned and will close her first deal at the end of this month after working the last 5 months going out in the field 2 to 3 days a week. she's building a book of business and has some excellent leads/contacts, but it's tough. 

when she made literally zero progress after 3 months i just kinda laughed and told her welcome to sales.

Have her do this:

Tell her to go see a Broker and talk about it.

OldSchoolMike - Have her do this:

Tell her to go see a Broker and talk about it.

and the expert weighs in. 

listen to everything this guy says. 

Part time realtors I find are useless. It really is a job where u have to be all in. The successful realtors I know all work 60-80 hours a week.

Also the business is not really cut out for most people. You need to be a good people person, presentable, strong negotiater, knowledgeable about various homes, construction and most importantly the market.

There is a big gap between good agents and shitty ones and shitty agents r a dime a dozen. Phone Post 3.0

I feel like people think being a realtor is all about walking through houses and telling people how many bathrooms it has. It's mostly business development and securing a steady supply of clients, showing houses is the easy part.

My brothers gf has decided she wants to give it a shot. They are already on a tight budget and have a 10 month old son. I don't see it working out very well.

Your wife showing off an empty house to random dudes.  You'll be posting soon on our weekly "I'm getting divorced OG" threads.  In for the inevitable.

Well at least she doesn't want to be a Mazda Phone Post 3.0

Mr. Wright - cheers to you!

Mr. Wright -
Stackdoe - Your wife, and about 80% of the rest of the wives in the country.


unless she's going to specialize in a particular type of real estate (pre-foreclosure sale, short sale, REO sale, etc) she's just going to be another dime a dozen RE Agent looking for a listing. 

there is A LOT of work involved in being a successful agent. I know a couple of women that do pre-foreclosure work and they're out in the field driving around LA and Orange county 3-4 days a week including weekends to nail down MAYBE one or two listings a month.

a couple of their friends have tried to compete, but those women have husbands that are firefighters so they're doing just fine financially and have zero hunger to hustle. the two women I know are out there every week, even when they have a monster month like they did just after the first of the year. they didn't close a deal for 3 months, then in March had two short sale listings and two flips they bought at auction sell making them a total of 265K that they split two ways.  

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Yes because when im looking to sell my house I am specifically looking for a part time agent who's reluctant to quit her FT job since she doesnt know if RE is truly her passion.


Cmon man.

Tell your idiot wife that RE is highly competetive and that no one is going with someone with no track record who they cant get a hold of between 9-5 because shes working her REAL job.

Housewives love to become Realtors and Photographers.



Neither make any money and will drain your bank account quite quickly.