Wiggy and scrapper combo pkge

Hi Wiggy,
I have tried numerous times to email you regarding this pkge but to no luck.
I was able to contact scrapper(thank you) but i was wondering if you help me answer a couple of questions I have?

1) does your pkage contain both your singles&doubles 1&2?
2) Most importantly i was wondering if you could be kind enough to give me basic routine that I could you use that would incorporate both your workouts and Scrappers?

I have read a lot from this and many other sites and it is mostly info overload!!

I have weightlifted for many years but I have no conditioning. I am training for law enforcement up here in Canada. My goals are:
a) run 2.2 km (1.4 miles) in less than 10 min
b) Popat test(obstacle course) in 3 minutes
c) all the while at least keep my size.

If you or anyone could help it would be most greatly appreciated. I am mentally now prepared to do this, it just a matter of time and effective workout .

Sorry for the long post guys but I have to spill my guts out .


Apna: I have did my Police tests on a regimen consisting of scrapper's mod-1 workouts, wiggy's singles and doubles (part 1), and grappling, and i aced them all. Even though I don't run (per se), I ran faster than most of the guys there that were runners.

Thxs for the post Darb:) I have read other threads stating this .
Btw did you do any running(1.5 miles) or just the interval training ? Did you then start incorporating a "jog" of that distance

This is my dilemma and I was trying to get feed back.
My perception has been if I am to purchase a product and ask a question , Hopefully the seller wil oblige and be helpful.
Don't know if Wiggy will respond because he is busy or it is already indicating in his books. I asked Scrapper and he was nice to reply indicating that Wiggy could set up a regime.

Thx again and anyone else with a bit of useful info in this reards would be greatly appreciated.

I inturn would do the same for anyone else as you guys do here on this site.


I did not do any running at all. Just the interval workouts on the mod-1 and the singles and doubles workouts. If you can get through PT for Convicts, the 1.5 will be nothing, trust me. Scrapper and Wiggy are both really good about answering questions on this forum; Wiggy may just be away from the computer. You can try to email him on his website at www.workingclassfitness.com.


Wiggy's combo package contains BOTH of his books and I'm sure that he is willing to help with a training schedule as well.

Wiggy's work schedule has been insane lately but I'll call him this morning and give him a heads up about this thread.


Hey apna,

Scrapper is right - you'll get S&D 1 and S&D 2.

Sorry about not responding sooner. Scrapper is right - work has been just crazy lately, so I can't get to email quite as often as usual. Add to that the fact that I'm getting something like 50-100 virus emails/day (which ends up screwing my In-Box) and sometimes an email either gets bounced out or I'll miss one from time to time.


As for a program, I can point you in the right direction. ;-) If you're concerned with your tests, IMO, you could do some HIIT and get (along with Scrapper and my stuff) everything you need. Like I say, I can help you out, there.

Thanks for the interest.


Thx you for the reply Guys:)

I will be purchasing the pkge later this week, so be on the look out Wiggy.

With your help I hope to be in the best shape of my life even if I cannot get into policing.