Wii games?

I was in Best Buy today and they had about 6 Wii's so I decided to pick one up. Any suggestions on current games? Ive heard mixed reviews on red Steel.

Zelda seems to be the only game that everyone can agree on being worth purchasing. Personally Id stay away from Red Steel

Of course I want Zelda, I just havent  seen it yet. My brother just called me and he saw it at another best buy so he's going to pick it up.

Zelda is an incredible game and none of the others compare to it, but
there are SEVERAL other good games out. Trauma Center, Rayman,
Elebits, Monkey Balls, and Madden are all worth taking a look at. There
are also a few really good virtual console games available (mario 64,
super mario bros, zelda).

I bought zelda and have just been renting games until something else worth buying comes out. Nice to be able to try a wide range of games for the price of one.

They need to make a game as good as Goldeneye for the wii.

Well my brother bought Red steel last night and I made him take it back. What a steaming pile of shit. I did purchase zelda, but havent really started playing it yet.

I have Trauma Center, Monkey Ball, Zelda and Rayman and in retrospect, the only ones that I think I like enough to make the money spent worth it are Zelda and Rayman. But that might mostly be because of preference. I can see someone having fun with Trauma Center and the nephews seemed to enjoy Monkey Ball. Zelda though is top class, it should be a crime that a store has a wii to sell, but not Zelda to go with it.

how does zelda compare with a link to the past for the SNES? how has the game changed? i have never played a zelda later than a link to the past.

Best Zelda ever. Worth buying the Wii just for it imo. Which most people have done really. Want to buy another game but don't want to throw my money away on any of the current stock.

Although Play and Sport are heaps of fun.

Metroid and Sonic are at the top of my list for future games.


"Do these games have bump mapping and 1080p?"

they have something that has been missing from the majority of console
games for a while now--fun gameplay. thats right, you'll actually have
fun playing the games. its a risky strategy on nintendo's part and
somehow its paying off...rumor has it that you can get a really nice
picture on the ps3 though.

hey dnwsr, do you have a Nintendo Wii? I'm coming to your house.

Lurker coming out to throw in my two cents....

Zelda rocks, obviously. I am actually scared to play it, for fear it will take over my life.

Rayman was alot of fun, but once you beat it I cant see playing it much. This is from a single player perspective, but from a 4 player I kinda feel the same.. not enough 4 player stuff.

Trauma Centre was a bit disappointing.. . I thought it would be more realistic, but sometimes its kinda like random stuff in a medical setting.

Tony Hawk.... at first I hated it.. was gonna chuck it.. but after playing for a while, it grows on you...... fun to play. Pretty easy mindless fun.

WIi Sports is fun. Not sure why everyone loves bowling, as tennis seems to be the most fun for me. Boxing sucks,..


You know what's a fun party game that never fails to please everyone? Pictionary.

Ive been a little disappointed in the post release drought.

But ive been very happy with the system.

With a wii and a 360, im a happy console player.

But would i be happy with just one....